Hello world!

The purpose of this site is to provide my visitors –if any!- with a personal and local view of the astonishing places, flavours and colours that compound the Magic Arch that spreads from Barcelona to Tuscany, in the Western Mediterranean. Spanish, French and Italian Mare Nostrum –that’s ok, the three territories continue to be part of the Roman Empire for me- The land of rosemary and olive oil, Romanesque churches and cubist museums, sandy beaches and gigantic mountains. The land of Ferran Adria’s “El Bulli” –arguably the best restaurant in the galaxy- and of the cozy “L’Hort del Rector”. The land of the mysterious cathars, the crazy Dali, the genial Leonardo, the Greek and Roman ruins of Empuries, hidden monasteries, the impressive Roman Pont du Gard, the Barcelona Football (soccer) Club, Senequier in Saint Tropez, eating fresh fish in Nice, a capuccio and a cornetto in Camoghli, hiking in Cinque Terre, enjoying the Puccini operas on the road, the sardana beautiful noises … and His Royal Majesty the Mare Nostrum: The Mediterranean Sea.

Dear visitor: You only have two problems with this blog:

First: I am a product of the land, a Mediterranean guy who is trying to practice his poor English explaining to the rest of the human beings where to find the hidden treasures. You get the real thing –the vision of somebody who lives in and loves this damned beautiful and historical part of the Mediterranean-. But my tools are scarce: a dictionary and a minimum minimorum notion of English Grammar –I am so sorry!-. Hence, I would truly appreciate any corrections or suggestions from you. I practice English for free, and you get personal ideas of what to do or what to see or what to eat in this part of the World –which happens to be my playground-.

Second: This is not a professional site. Its design, photos and all that paraphernalia probably are a big technical shit. But the soul … caramba! … the soul is what counts. I will put here my subjective ratings, my secrets, my words. I hope the world wide web will continue working ok after my unskilled attempts to set this very personal page in it. How the hell can I put here my pictures? Oh, it is difficult! Isn’t it?


About Covetotop

A Mediterranean blogger
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