Foreword II: The way I do not travel.

In group.

Neither I stick my eyes perpetually on the tiny screen of a digital camera. I like to experience places, not to experience screens. I like to see as much as possible with my own eyes, not through a zoom lens. These days people seem to travel just to take photos, proper photos, in-focus photos. But I am afraid that their travel experiences are a little out-of-focus. You know what I mean. I like to take just a few photos, nice photos if possible; then I turn off the camera and turn on my eyes.

I do not eat pizza out of Italy. I do not eat paella out of Spain (the Mediterranean coast, preferably) I do not eat a McDonalds’ burger if I am not in a hurry, on a working miserable day, in a big city. In other words, I love to enjoy local food, at a slow pace, in place. In the Western Mediterranean food is superb; do not eat exotic food or hot dogs or something like that by the Mare Nostrum. It is a sin.

I do not wake up late in the morning. The “happy few” wake up early. Heaven is reserved for early birds.

I never go to any place without a previous in-depth study of its art and history.

I do not go to discotheques.


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