Overview I: Let’s begin with l’Empordà

Costa Brava

The center of my universe is l’Empordà (this is its Catalan name; “Ampurdán” in Spanish; this word is a derivation from the Greek word Emporion, that means “market”, as ancient Greeks set a colony here). This piece of land, in the province of Girona (Catalonia, Spain), frontier between Spain and France, is astonishing. And very little known by the rest of the World.

Provence (Southern France) is very nice and famous. Tuscany (Italy) is simply outstanding and very very famous. But you mention l’Empordà and … What the hell is that?  Here in Europe, most vacationers from the frozen North of the continent know better the words “Costa Brava”. Costa Brava (Brave Coast) is just the sea front of l’Empordà and, here, there are some ultra-touristic spots where ultra-pale tourists love to stretch under the sun and burn their skins. I am afraid that most of them never get out of the hotel beach or the discotheque. They are usually packed back to their homes, some days later, grilled and drunk. It is a real pity. They never reach to know the authentic Empordà.

Well, among those tourist masses, there are some wise adventurers, elder ones specially, that dare to explore the surroundings of their sunny-beach-holiday-destinations. I have met some of them lost in the corner of a medieval villa, or swimming in the clear waters of a secluded cove, or sat at the table in a hidden restaurant of the deep country, in front of a dish of snails “a la catalana” with their eyes open wide and wondering what is that …

They are usually very friendly people, curious adventurers with good taste, with a love for arts and nature, keen to know exactly where to go and where not to go. I write this humble blog for them. Just for them.


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