Overview II: Girona and beyond

If l’Empordà is the very center of this blog (the majority of my posts will deal with this little piece of Heaven), the next circle of analisys will be the outstanding province in which l’Empordà digs its roots: Girona. In this blog you’ll find a lot of information about Girona, its capital, its villages, its mountains (Pyrenees and more), its lakes, its volcanoes (don’t worry, extinct volcanoes), its farms, its wines, its restaurants, its music, its art, its its its …

Beyond Girona, dear reader, deep scattering layers of touristic information about Spain, Southern France and some Italy await for you. From the cove to the top of the mountain. From the little romanesque church hidden in the forrest to the avant gardé museum in downtown. I’ll refer to the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean) and to its Latin Arch: three western-european countries that share a dark blue sea and an old common seedbed: Rome.

(Note: I guess the use of the expression “deep scattering layers” is not ok in the paragraph above, but I like how it sounds and its marine remembrances. And I am just practicing my poor English in this blog)


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