The glorious morning coffee

Sitting at the table in front of the Mediterranean sea with a cup of coffee in your hand is a wonderful experience. While drinking the hot and dark liquid perhaps you want to plan what to do next. Should I read the newspaper? Should I check e-mails in my e-device? Should I make a phone call to anybody?

No. You shouldn´t. You just have to drink your coffee. Don´t plan anything. Have you finished your coffee? Then watch how the blue waves lazily end their journey on the golden sand of the beach. Follow with your slumberous eyes the fly of that crazy seagull. Keep your mind blank and quiet. Feel the mild breeze from the East caressing your face. Don´t do anything. It is the Mare Nostrum. The Med. Carpe diem.

By the way, this picture was taken in Tamariu (Costa Brava)

More Tamariu in Covetotop’s Tamariu white and blue.


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2 Responses to The glorious morning coffee

  1. jamiedg says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether I can use your glorious 🙂 coffee photo above for my Facebook page ‘C is for Coffee’. The idea is to combine coffee, travel and photography. Basically just like in your photo. Obviously I can mention your name and the location where the photo was taken. Hope to hear from you soon and feel to like the page. Thanks!

    Best regards,


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