Coastal path

“Camí de ronda” (Catalan language) means “coastal path”. Almost all beaches, coves, capes, fishing villages et alia in the Costa Brava are linked by a long footpath that in past times was used by villagers, fishermen, smugglers, pirates, soldiers, policemen and poets for their respective business and concerns. In modern times, the “Camí de ronda” is mainly used by poets and wise tourists. As you, my dear reader, are either a wise tourist or a poet (that’s why you are reading this blog), I strongly recommend you take a walk around. Oh, take your camera and your swimsuit with you: sooner or later you will be compelled by primordial forces to use both of them.

I have trekked across this beautiful coast for years and, as far as I am a very good person who is willing to help others to discover a myriad of extraordinary beautiful panoramas, I will disclose under this “Coastal path” section the best stretches of the Camí de ronda. One post for stretch. That will include information about where to stop to take a bath, where to climb a rock, where to rest, where to taste grilled sardines, where to find a surrealistic painter’s hut, where to wander, where to wonder …

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words in English is quite a huge price for me, as I hardly speak this language and have spent the whole afternoon just trying to set the two paragraphs above … Below you’ll find an average picture of the Camí de ronda. Enjoy.

Coastal path


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