Coastal path: From Cala Montjoi to Cala Rustella

Today I recommend to you a short walk. Of course, if you slept well yesterday and you had a pantagruelian breakfast this morning, you can prolong your trek up to wherever you want: France to the North, Africa to the South (in this latter case you’ll need also to swim “a little” by the Gibraltar Strait). But taking into account that your aim is to wonder, not to wander until you die exhausted, let’s concentrate in this short stretch of the “camí de ronda”.

Cala Montjoi

First, you have to get there, to Cala Montjoi. You have a car, don’t you? Drive your car to Cala Montjoi. Park there; you have some places by the bushes. Get out of your car, this is very important if you want to walk. Now, direct your steps to the beach. It is unmistakable: the sand is dark, the sea is blue.

Extreme close-up view of El Bulli

Once on the beach, turn right and follow the ascending path. Do you see that white house? It is not a house, it was a restaurant named El Bulli. Stay in awe for a while in front of it: it was the best restaurant in history, and now in the process of transformation into something weird called “El Bulli Foundation”.

The path continues down; soon you cross another little cove and up again, through pines, rosemary, thyme, opuntia and the complete repertoire of Mediterranean plants and scents. Stop and smell. Wonder. Go on.

Plants and scents

Walking trough the plants

Perhaps you are by now a little tired of going up and down smelling all those wild plants (warning: do not try ever to smell opuntia) and need to breath. Do it; stop and breath the marine breeze while you enjoy the astonishing sea view.


Opuntia and Cape Norfeu

At your left (North), that powerful cape beyond the opuntia plant is Cap Norfeu. Josep Pla (I will talk a lot about this great writer in future posts) said that Cap Norfeu and Cap de Begur had the strongest “personality” of all capes in the Costa Brava. There is an old signal tower on top of it, from the XVI century, but we’ll deal with this path any other day. By now, keep walking. Beautiful coast, don’t you think so?

Heading South

Beautiful view

And, finally, here we are, in front of Cala Rustella. I suggest you take a bath in its crystal clear waters. It is a secluded cove: no houses, no humans, just pines, pebbles and freedom. Carpe diem.

Cala Rustella

In my next post I’ll recommend to you where to have lunch as a happy local (not as a tourist), not far away from this hidden corner of paradise.


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