There’s a lot of information about Cadaqués in any Costa Brava guide you may buy. You know, cold information like “it is a little town in Alt Empordà, on the Cap de Creus peninsula, in the province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain. It has a population of roughly 2.700 and we recommend you visit the Salvador Dalí’s house in Port Lligat and have lunch in this restaurant or in that restaurant or in that other restaurant and blah blah…”

It is probable that on the cover of that Costa Brava guide appears a  spectacular photography of the white Cadaqués surrounded by grey mountains, with the blue Mediterranean sea in the foreground.

At this point, I wonder what the hell can this humble blogger say here, in this tricky English language I speak so bad, about my beloved Cadaqués.

To beguin with, which one of the tons of pictures I have do I select for my blog? It should be something different, something “authentic” and not standard … Something that reflects not only the external beauty of Cadaqués, but its inner soul as well. What?

Oh yes! Great idea! I know! An authentic, original, wonderful and superb picture. Are you ready? O.K. Here we go!: read a book named “Cadaqués”, written by Josep Pla. Period.

That is it.

Dissapointed? Well, it is not the typical panoramic photo, it is just (and nothing less than) a book. But I swear there is no better picture of Cadaqués than Josep Pla’s words about Cadaqués. It is a pitty there is no translation of this little book into English. Originally, “Cadaqués” was just a chapter of a bigger book by Pla named “Un petit món del Pirineu“).

Hence, no colourful photos today. Sorry. But I have to point out that this is a non commertial blog and my aim is to put only the very best on each post, with no other consideration. And I think this book written by Josep Pla is the best “picture” of Cadaqués ever made.

In future posts I’ll talk about the XXI century Cadaqués. And I’ll put there the typical photos. But today I just wanted to render homage to this wonderful book written by Josep Pla.


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