Cadaqués pickings

Now it’s time to choose some pictures of Cadaqués for this lonely blog. Yesterday I posted the best “picture” (in a poetic sense) I know, the book “Cadaqués” by Josep Pla. But now, I have to post here some real stuff; in other words, colourful and picturesque photographs. Let me think. A beautiful panorama? That would be the obvious choice; little white houses at the sea-side, some traditional fishermen boats in the foreground, the Santa María church above, some mountains as background … Or, what about the nice “colmado” shop framed by the arch in the little alley? … Salvador Dali’s house, perhaps? Yes, they would be the obvious choices. But I do not want obvious choices. I want personal ones for my blog. Yes. Personal choices. This is my blog. Isn’t it? Here they are:

My morning coffee at Cadaqués

Eating un bocadillo at Port Lligat

I like the Cap de Creus vegetation

Who dared to plant a cypress within a boat?: Salvador Dalí

A little alley in Cadaqués

Catalonia's day at Cadaqués

To be continued. I have enough for today.


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