The most beautiful day trip of the world: From paella to pizza.

A special kind of paella: arros a la cassola.

L’Empordà is paradise on Earth. However, if in any time you feel the need to take a break from paradise (which is a very rare feeling), and want to spend just a few days not far away, in another parallel paradise, I’ll recommend you take a short car ride. I mean, roughly 6 hours drive if your departure point is Girona city. Destination: Italy.

Yes; in 6 hours, more or less, you are enjoying your pizza at the Italian Riviera. The problem is that you will need a lot of will power in order to drive non-stop from Spain to Italy, as you’ll have to cross an awesome part of Southern France. You know, Roussillon, Provence, Côte d’Azur … Definitively, you will need a lot of will power in order to keep your direct route through the high way net rather than take secondary roads.

I know Ulysses heard the sirens singing and survived. But I am not sure if you could hear the beautiful songs of Nîmes, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, Monte-Carlo … and not endanger your schedule. I am afraid you will stop here and there and your fast trip will become and unforgettable and very slow experience.

The Latin Arch is magic. Be advised, modern Ulysses.

Pizza tastes better in Italy


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