Art, wind and madness

Painter's hut

An artist’s hut: “La barraca d’en Dalí”

Creativity needs inspiraton to create, just as a sailboat needs wind to navigate. No wind: bullshit. Wind: art.

The problem arises when the wind that is blowing around you is “Tramontana” (Northern wind that some days, specially in winter, blows in l’Empordà). Then you’ll get either madness or a masterpiece.

Ordinary people, like myself, tend to madness when the Tramontana wind blows. But when this strong, transparent and cool force of nature hits a genius’ brain, something awesome is about to happen.

Take for example Salvador Dalí. He was born in l’Empordá and his mortal remains are buried in l’Empordà (Figueres), but his inmortal ones are still playing around with his beloved Tramontana. He was definitively “hit” by this magic wind and his whole production unmistakably reflects this fact.

Another great Spanish master, Pablo Picasso, played here too (1910). He was also a victim of the “Tramontana effect”, felt in love with Cadaqués, painted the village in cubistic style and produced some other masterpieces.

Joan Miró was here too, and the French painter Marcel Duchamp, and the American artist Man Ray. The wild Tramontana attacked them all and they produced strange artifacts afterwards …

But not only painters feel the mysterious creative power of the Tramontana wind. It is a very strange phenomenon. Picture this: an isolated house by the sea, in a secluded cove, relatively far away from the civilized world. Transform this difficult-to-reach-house into a restaurant. Put in that restaurant a local chef with his crew, all of them overexposed to the Tramontana effect. What do you get? The best restaurant in the planet: El Bulli. At Harvard University there is even a course dealing with this restaurant and its chef: Ferrán Adriá.

Restaurant “El Bulli”

The wind is blowing out there. I must finish this post now…


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