Pines, rocks and beaches

Hello alien. If you have a decent Internet connection in your world, and you belong to such an hyper-advanced civilization that you have been able to find this little blog in cyberspace, then I congratulate you.

Today I am recommending to you a nice walk in a hidden corner of this mostly unknown universe. Take your plasma-pencil and write down the coordinates: Milky Way galaxy, Solar system, planet Earth, European continent, by the Western Mediterranean (do you see that big blue spot in your chart?), between Spain and France more or less … Look there for a little dot named Palamós … You got it? Great! Now seek an even more little dot to the Northeast of Palamós named “Es Castell”. It is not a castle. It is a beach. This is your today’s mission: take your UFO and fly to Es Castell. You have some place to park discretely your UFO by the pine forest.

Get out of your UFO and step on the hot sand. You like it, don’t you? Take a little bath, if you wish. This water is crystal clear and delicious, but don’t drink it.

Now turn to the left. Walk lazily to that little cape. On top of it there are some archeological excavations, as here are the remains of an ancient pre-Roman village. You can visit it if you want (and the archeologists allow you to do so). It is very little, but charming. It is dated VI century b.C., and it was inhabited up to the I century a.C. I will post about this historical site any other day. By now, let’s go on.

Head to the Northeast. It is easy to figure out where the Northeast is: as you walk, the Mediterranean Sea is always at your right hand.

Now it is difficult for me to describe the hundreds of wonderful corners you are about to discover. This stretch of the “Camí de ronda” (Coastal path) is awesome. Its light, beauty and solitude have attracted more than one great artist, like Salvador Dalí or Josep María Sert. But, as far as I know, it hasn’t attracted any alien life form yet. Be the first.

I leave you with some pics (copy right protected in the whole Milky Way galaxy) of these wonderful beaches, rocks, pines … Enjoy.

beach of es castell

The archaeological site is on that cape, below the trees to the left ...

Es Castell beach

A cave and a cove. Watch your step.

Mind the gap

All this coast is named the "Costa Brava" (this part belongs to the Baix Empordà)

Wanna swim? This is a tranquil place ...

Remember: be careful and watch your step.

Wanna swim again?

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  1. Unbelievable! Simply Beautiful!

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