Little gems from the Middle Ages

When the rain falls over l’Empordà and the Northern wind decrees with his mighty voice that today is not a good day to swim the blue Mediterranean, you’d better not swim the blue Mediterranean. Pals Grey, chilly and misty days are great to fall in soft bitterness. I am not referring to the awful clinical depression. I am talking about the strange miracle of the human spirit that allows us to find happiness and light where there is nothing but darkness and melancholy. The miracle of enjoying a Mahler’s adagio or a Goya’s black painting. The wonderful feeling of reading a sad book, which happens to be a masterpiece of the world literature …

So, imagine you are here on holydays, in l’Empordà, with misty conditions out there and a soft bitterness in your soul. What to do? Well, in these cases, my dear friend, and in my humble opinion, nothing beats a walk in a medieval town. Let me explain.

Thanks God, l’Empordà and its Costa Brava are not only costa, coast, beaches and mountains. Just behind the coast line, you have a plethora of medieval villages, like Pals, Peratallada, Palau-Sator, Peralada, Torroella, Ullastret … My advice is this: go there, to any of them, or to them all, and take with you your soft bitterness. Both of you will love these awesome towns from the Dark Age. A thousand legends will surround you in their narrow streets. An army of phantom crusaders will throw upon you their magic spears and you’ll feel them crossing your heart at once. Perhaps you’ll feel hungry too. No problem. Some of the best restaurants in the world are nearby. And cozy, traditional, ultra-local, familiar restaurants too, wich are almost as good as those or even better (and cheaper).

Oh heavens! How many words! Such an effort writing in this complicated English language and I haven’t provided any useful information yet to my two or three loyal readers worldwide!

Be patient. I’ll split info in further posts. Blogging is a long term relationship. I plan to provide you with specific recommendations (where to stay, where to have lunch, where to buy the best olive oil, the strangest marmalades, delicious “recuit de drap”, outstanding-but-little-known wines, and so on) By now, take just a glimpse, a slight overview of some of the magic corners of the medieval little towns of l’Empordà … Peratallada Peratallada Peratallada Pals Pals Peratallada Torroella church Peratallada square



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6 Responses to Little gems from the Middle Ages

  1. Your pictures literally made my heart skip a beat. Beautiful!

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you. But it is not my merit: these little towns are so nice than anybody with a camera can take great pictures of them just clicking randomly.

  2. I lost my breath for a moment looking at those old, old streets. It would be such shame to overlook them.

  3. kurtnemes says:

    Keep blogging. You are a gifted writer and your language is so dreamy and poetic–so suitable to the magical pictures of the magical town you lead us through. Wonderful. Your post really made my day!

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