Restaurant Cal Campaner revisited

Two months ago I wrote a post in this blog about one of my favorite fish restaurants in the Empordà – Costa Brava (by the way, all my favorite restaurants of the world are located on this little corner of the Mediterranean).

The fact is that I am not happy at all with the pictures I posted there. They were dull and lifeless, partly because I am an amateur photographer, partly because the camera I took that day was even worse than the photographer.

I take this blog seriously (well, more or less). Consequently, I decided to sacrifice myself to the cause and to pay another visit to Cal Campaner, this time accompanied by a group of friends, just to take more and better pictures for the sake of blogging. I took the pictures below. They aren’t masterpieces of photography, but the dishes I tasted were delicious.

The first shot is “Pa amb tomàquet”, a mandatory accompaniment to any meal in this side of the Mediterranean coast. It is a simple and delicious mix of olive oil, fresh tomato and a pinch of garlic lovely extended on toasted rural-style bread.

pa amb tomaquet

The following shots are the freshets sea delicatessen you can imagine, cooked with the mastery and delicacy that chefs in this part of the world use to exude. Don’t ask me their English names. It would be such an extreme investigation effort for me, that I would need to stop posting for one or two months just to recover …

That last pic above was the dessert.

And this (below) used to be the home of the poor marine beasts depicted on this post: the blue, warm, historical and sublime Mediterranean Sea:


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7 Responses to Restaurant Cal Campaner revisited

  1. oh, i’m sure it must have sucked to have to pay a second visit to your favorite restaurant, with friends, with decent camera… 😉

  2. My wife is threatening to remove me from this blog as I go on and on about the wonderful food I love pulpo.

  3. rosesmountainandsea says:

    So now El Campaner will be on my list for the next visit to Roses, thank you!

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