Raiders of the lost wine: The phantom castle

DemontreAll began with a simple suggestion from the waiter: “This red wine is awesome, sir. It’s made by traditional procedures in l’Alt Empordà; I mean, by stomping feet in baskets with grapes.”

It was a very good wine indeed. My friends and I joked at the table about the stomping feet and the weird name of this wine: “Demontre”, which in old Spanish means “Demon” …

– Let’s go in search of “Demontre”! -said one of my friends.

– Yes! Let’s go to the mysterious Alt Empordà!

– But this wine producer doesn’t have any proper web page! How the hell shall we find it?

– No problem! We’ll find it by asking the countrymen! Let’s go tomorrow morning!

– Yes!

– Urrah!

The morning after was sunny and mild. A slight breeze blew from the Southwest carrying the perfume of the springtime flowers. We took our cross-country vehicle and departed to the North; to the legendary land in which the Empordà’s vines grow.

Our first attempt was a failure. We visited the “Terra Remota” vineyard. They produced outstanding wines, but not “Demontre”. In any case, the visit was an agreeable surprise. Terra Remota’s terroir is wonderful …

D. O. Empordà

… and their ultra-modern premises are simply superb …

wine premises

After visiting “Terra Remota”,  we decided to head to the mountains, to the Alberes (Pyrenees) …

Alto Ampurdán

We were having a very good time, but no idea about where Demontre could be produced. Suddenly, we saw a castle in the middle of the Alberes mountains.

– Let’s go to that castle!

– Yes!

– Urrah!

We went to that castle … the Requesens Castle … But a dense dark mist seemed to begin to spread itself over the country …

Alberes castle

Wen we arrived to the Castle’s walls, the ambience was very daunting …

daunting castle

We looked for the Castle’s entrance with no results …

castle walls

– A door! Hello! Is there anybody here? …

castle door

Nobody responded to our calls …

castle tower mist

– I know the history of this old Castle. Legend states a lot of weird facts about it. And Hollywood has filmed here some movies, like “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, with Dustin Hoffman … But now it’s totally abandoned …

cinematographic castle

– Did you hear that?

– What?

– I’m frightened of phantoms!

– Castle’s phantoms! Do you know where the hell “Demontre” is produced?

I was joking. But a deep, gloomy voice came from the main tower:  -“Go to Sant Climent de Sescebes, capullo!

daunting tower

We were terrified and ran to Sant Climent de Sescebes, in search of “Demontre” …

To be continued in any further post, any day, any time …


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One Response to Raiders of the lost wine: The phantom castle

  1. Shimky says:

    “Capullo!” Hahahaha!! :O) Real Spanish authenticity in there! :O)

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