The Phantom Post

daunting tower

I’m aware that this blog has very few followers. I know that no matter the effort, information, imagination and love I put in any post, visits will be scarce. It isn’t really a problem, because my original aims with this blog were practicing my English (it is not my language), trying my hand at blogging and just having a good time.

But what happened to my last post (Raiders of the lost wine: The phantom castle) is intriguing. It has established an outstanding record: No visits at all in a 24h period. Moreover, from its publication up to date, it has received just one single visit and one single “like”: that of my virtual friend and fellow blogger Alessandro, from Italy (grazie mille, Alessandro). Period.

I don’t know the reason for such an exiguous success. I selected an almost cinematographic title: “Raiders of the lost wine: The phantom castle”. I put there quite a few beautiful pictures of a wonderful vineyard and a very difficult to reach (lots of kilometers by a not-pavement path through the mountains, in very bad conditions) awesome Medieval castle in Northern Spain.

Text itself was funny (at least I intended so) and I checked a lot my Merriam-Webster Dictionary and my English Grammar, in order to keep my fault rate relatively low …

Could it be that the wine’s name I was talking about means “Demon”?

I was about to draft today the second part of said successful post: “Raiders of the lost wine: We found it!” But I don’t feel like blogging too much today …

Alto Ampurdán


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7 Responses to The Phantom Post

  1. Keep writing! Sometimes it’s not just about content, but the number of visitors is often tied to the time you post. It could be that on that day at that time, few people were online. Well, fewer than expected!

  2. i think that it’s a problem with wordpress’ topics page. posts are not displaying properly so casual traffic is down to zilch. i was getting over a hundred hits a day and i’m now down to like 10 to 15. just like that, from one day to the next, beginning last week. don’t worry, you are not to blame.

    your posts are informative and passionate – keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos and great blog!

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