Raiders of the lost wine (part 2): We found it!

(This terrifying and terrible post is the conclusion of a previous one called “Raiders of the lost wine: The phantom castle“)

Requesens Alberes

As soon as we heard the phantom’s voice, our hearts failed, and we started to run downhill as fast as we could …

downhill from Requesens

Notwithstanding our panic, we realized that the sourrounding country, full of Mediterranean herbs and bushes, was very beautiful and scented the air with a magic perfume …

Mediterranean herbs and bushes

Suddenly, we stopped and stared in awe and wonder at a weird stone structure that cut the path.

– What is that thing? -I asked my friend Greta.

– It’s a dolmen called Coll de Medàs I: a prehistoric burial chamber from the 4rd millenium before Christ. As you know, mountains in l’Alt Empordà are full of prehistoric remains.

– More phantoms?

– I’m afraid yes: prehistoric phantoms, in this case.

prehistoric burial chamber

We ran away, reached our cross-country car and drove non-stop up to Sant Climent de Sescebes, where we finally got some information about the vineyard where “Demontre” wine was produced, and went on, but …

Sant Climent de Sescebes nearby

– I guess we are lost. Let me ask in that farm -said Greta. She got out the car, ran very fast to the farm and came back just a minute later. By the way, this is Greta:

– We found it! We just have to cross that little river -Greta told us …


We crossed the little river …

car crossing a river

And we found some mysterious premises …

country facilities

– Hey! Look! A clue! Half made wine taps!


– No doubt, this is the place …

wine barrel

– Bon día! -We heard the friendly voice of Joan Carles, the artist who produces this nice red wine called “Demontre”. We met him and he explained to us the traditional procedures of wine production. Of course, we asked him for a bussiness card of this difficult to reach wine producer. Here it is:

We had a very good time in “Can Torres”, got a large provision of “Demontre”, and promised to come back soon.


– What a thrilling morning we had!

– Oh yes. And now I’m very hungry!

– Me too! Where do we have lunch, Covetotop?

– Let’s go back to Cantallops, the little village nearby, where there are some very interesting restaurants. No more phantoms for today.

– What a curious name for a village: “Cantallops”. What does it mean?

– “Singing wolves”

– Oh my God!



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5 Responses to Raiders of the lost wine (part 2): We found it!

  1. Shimky says:

    I passed by Cantallops on my motorbike on my way to see the Dalí in Fuigeres but, alas, I only saw the sign!

  2. leamuse says:

    Le vin! C’est bon. It is much too good to lose. 🙂

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