Aiguablava: Mediterranean anti-matter

Aigua: Water

Blava: Blue

Aiguablava: Well, in order to explain what the Catalan name “Aiguablava” means, I’d better show you this picture below …

turquoise waters

That is it. Aiguablava, a jaw-dropping bay of the Costa Brava (Catalonia, Spain). Swimming these turquoise waters one may wonder whether scientist are right when they affirm that our world is made of matter from the big bang.

I do not agree with them; at least, as far as Aiguablava is concerned. My guess is that anti-matter from a little bang (not yet discovered) primarily compounds this tiny corner of our planet.

If not, how to explain the levitation people experience when they set foot on this wonderful place for the first time?

Follow me and levitate with Covetotop in every nook and cranny of Aiguablava …

This is Aiguablava beach:

white sand beach Aiguablava

A little coastal path connects Malaret beach (just another charming little beach of the Aiguablava bay) with Platja Fonda (just another wild beach of the Aiguablava bay)

This is Malaret cove. I took this picture from the coastal path:

Malaret and Fornells

And this is Platja Fonda, the Northern end of the coastal path. Platja Fonda means “Deep Beach”, and it’s certainly deep, as you have to descend a long stairway to get your reward: a mythological bath (more pics of Platja Fonda in Covetotop’s mythological post “Swimming in the Costa Brava“):

Deep beach

Between both extremes of this short coastal path you’ll find rocks and reefs, pine trees and a lot of “rosmarinus officinalis” (“rosemary”; I just wanted to use here some Latin, as this is a Latin territory).

You’ll find a charming little harbour too, named Fornells:

Aiguablava club nautic

And, perhaps, you’ll find a fisherman’s boat in the middle of the path, or a richman’s mansion, or an outstanding hotel named “Hotel Aiguablava” …

Aiguablava and Fornells

Hotel Aiguablava is strongly recommended by Covetotop. It’s a micro-cosmos where guests can experience the Aiguablava levitation in a myriad of ways. You can visit their web page here.

This minibeach is very close to Hotel Aiguablava …

mini beach in Fornells

Here you have another nice view from the coastal path …

Fornells, Begur

On top of that cape, you have the “Parador de Aiguablava” and below, to the right, that white line is Aiguablava beach …

Parador de Aiguablava

The “Parador de Aiguablava” deserves a specific mention. It’s a luxurious but affordable hotel that belongs to the State-owned Paradores chain.

As they say in their official web page, “Paradores de Turismo is a publicly funded limited company with eight decades of history and which currently manages more than 90 hotel establishments thanks to the work performed on a daily basis by its thousands of employees. Many Paradores are located in nature reserves and in historic buildings, such as castles, palaces, convents and monasteries

I think I’ll be talking a lot about Paradores in future posts, because I simply love them and I’m sure there is no better way to sleep in Spain as a King than in a Parador (Royal Palace apart). Hence, let’s take just a glimpse of them in today’s post.

From the Aiguablava Parador’s cafeteria-terrace you can enjoy your morning coffee just in front of this awesome view of the Mediterranean sea …

Mediterranean sea

In order to give you this glimpse (below) of the Parador de Aiguablava, I almost killed myself. I climbed a rocky mountain just to take the picture. At least, I hope you’ll enjoy it …

Ses Falugues Aiguablava

After spending the morning or the whole day by the Aiguablava Bay, the time arrives to stop levitating and go back to the material world.  But you’d better do it gently. I don’t find any softer way to abandon the anti-matter realms than landing in Begur.

Aiguablava belongs to the Municipality of Begur. And Begur is a very lovely village.  By the way, dear visitor, did you read my post “Begur (part 1): Where the Old and the New World meet”? What are you waiting for? Read it, please … You will not be disappointed.




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10 Responses to Aiguablava: Mediterranean anti-matter

  1. I have to go here!
    Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  2. I stayed at Hotel Aigua Blava 8 years running as a child, went back for my honeymoon and now in June this year I’m taking my 21 year old daughter. I want to pass the magic on to her. And I just can’t wait. I love the way you write about the levitation. Just hope my daughter will feel it too. Thank you! Julie

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you very much for your nice comment, Julie. If your daughter is as sensitive as you, I’m sure she will “levitate” in Aiguablava too. It is one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean sea. The “magic” is still there, waiting for people like you.

  3. I thought I felt the warm, fragrant breeze on my face as I looked at all those brilliant colors and shapes. Seems like such a magnetic place. I’d love to levitate over it sometime.

  4. Linda Duffin says:

    I’m sitting here in our apartment in Aigua Blava and wishing I took photographs as good as yours. Lovely! Thank you.

    • Covetotop says:

      Actually it is very easy to take great pics in Aiguablava: it is such a beautiful place, that you only need to press the shutter in whatever direction 😉 Anyway, thank you for your kind compliment!

      • Linda Duffin says:

        I know, we are very lucky to have inherited a property here.

        But I think you are being too modest – your photographs are of professional standard, not the usual amateur snapshots like mine.

        I really enjoy your blog, please keep posting.

      • Covetotop says:

        🙂 Thank you, Linda!

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