Restaurant Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona)

Carme Ruscalleda's Sant Pau

This post is a happy celebration of the Covetotop’s nomination as one of the top 9 websites for European travel, by the American mag “All Women Stalk”.

Taking into account that said outstanding mag is intended for outstanding ladies, this average and grateful man (Covetotop) dedicates today’s post to an outstanding lady …

The image that most people have of a world-class chef is that of a fatty man with a big moustache. Or, perhaps, that of a slim man with no moustache; but a man in any case.

This is not the case with one of the best restaurants in Europe: Restaurant Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona). Its chef is a lady. An intelligent, sensitive and hiper-creative lady: Carme Ruscalleda.

This is the Carme Ruscalleda’s Restaurant: Sant Pau …

sant pol de mar Barcelona

restaurant cozy

restaurant views

This is the artist: Carme Ruscalleda …


These are some of the menu’s starters …

ruscalleda food

This looks like the box of a Piet Mondrian’s masterpiece …

ruscalleda and mondrian

But really, within the box there is a Carme Ruscalleda’s masterpiece. Art to eat … (cod brandade with some colorful veggies)

ruscalleda's brandade

This is a non-stop feast of the senses created by the lady-chef …

ruscalleda japanese inspiration

Cheese coupled with appropriate delicatessen …

Just give me a break!

Deeeessseeertssss …

Oh! I almost forget mentioning this: Simple bread, delicious bread …

simple bread

Dear reader, please, don’t ask me to translate the whole tasting menu into English. It’s such a hard work!

Sant Pau menu

Catalan wines. Only …

carte wines

Final coup de génie: a stroll by a Mediterranean beach (just in front of the restaurant) …

beach by Sant Pau

A word of advice: the restaurant is not located in the Barcelona city, but in Sant Pol de Mar, a little village North of the Barcelona province, almost in the Costa Brava (which is Covetotop’s Realm)

Carme Ruscalleda has an almost identical restaurant in Tokyo (Japan). I haven’t been there and most probably I won’t be there ever (too far from home, but I like Japan’s culture, well, one never knows …)

If you wanna further information about exact location, telephone, menus, how to get there, etc, the best thing you can do is visiting the Restaurant’s web page, as I’m tired and don’t feel like writing any more today:



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2 Responses to Restaurant Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona)

  1. any of your followers could tell at a glance there had to be a lovely lady (or perhaps five million of them) involved: your photographs have suddenly gotten sharper, crisper, and better framed – need i fear a new competitor?

    top reporting as always, except even better – well done 🙂

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