Breakfast with Picasso (in Barcelona)

I was about to write a magnificent, grandiose, epic, monumental, imposing, royal, splendid and glorious post about my beloved Barcelona.

I was about to include in said post my very best pictures of La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, La Pedrera, Las Ramblas, Port Vell, the Gothic Quarter and the rest of Barcelona’s not-to-be-missed monuments.

I was about to disclose here the hidden secrets of this awesome city; those that you can only get from a friend.

I wanted you to forget the archetypical touristic guides about such an important European destination and follow only my advice …

I wanted to post here the definitive post about Barcelona.

But I’d rather do it any other year, as I need to improve my English and my photographic skills before attempting to post such an outstanding post.

For the moment, I leave you with the picture below. I call it “Breakfast with Picasso”. I took it in the Picasso Museum’s cafeteria. In Barcelona, of course.

Do you see the moral of this post/pic?

Picasso in Barcelona


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5 Responses to Breakfast with Picasso (in Barcelona)

  1. you captured a great moment

  2. Hi there,

    Are you really trying to improve your English? Can it be any better?
    What is the moral of this pic/post?

    Lucky you living in wonderful Spain, but I didn’t like your recent annihilation of the Irish soccer team!!! Great blog. Keep writing!

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for your kind words. If I have to be sincere, I haven’t the slightest idea about what can this picture mean. I liked the composition and shot the camera. I guess the moral was that I just wanted to add a little mystery to my post.

      I’m sorry for the match. Ireland is a sympathetic country for most Spaniards. In any case, the Spanish team’s level is so-so in this championship.

      What is not so-so is your blog. I’m an avid reader of Schopenhauer and a classical music lover. Finding such a sensitive and intelligent blog as yours, mixing philosophy and music, has been a wonderful surprise. Thanks!

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