A very simple post about Barcelona

This is not the definitive post I promised you to post about Barcelona. I’m not able to produce definitive things yet …

Neither is it a post planned for tourists, as there are no top 5 lists, no addresses, no recommendations; nothing useful at all. It’s intended for lonely wanderers, for dreamers or, perhaps, just for me. A post to keep safe the random views, hidden corners, lights, shadows, phantoms and angels I came across during a simple and agreeable stroll off the beaten path in Barcelona.

My walk began at Passeig de Gràcia, a beaten path, certainly. Tourists look here for the Antoni Gaudí’s buildings, but they don’t realize that under their feet, there is something nice, designed by Gaudí himself: the organic paving stones …

Barcelona walk

I needed a good, energetic and traditional breakfast; hence I went to Petritxol street …

gothic street

… to Granja La Pallaresa …

dessert chocolate

… where I had my hot chocolate and my “ensaimada”…

la pallaresa chocolate

… plus some vitamins which I bought here …

barcelona pharmacy

… A Gothic lady stares at me …

Gothic sculpture

… and a dashing cavalier too …

gothic rider

Be careful: Daunting Monsters …

Gothic Barcelona

Messi is another monster …

Barcelona FC Messi

Barcelona is a very Mediterranean city …

little alley in Barcelona

Mind the palm tree! …

gothic tree

People seem a little stressed these days because of the financial crisis …

angry sculpture

This is the financial crisis personification (as seen in an old museum of the Gothic Quarter)…

Museu Mares Barcelona

Oooops …

Gothic balcony

I was a little hungry …

tapas in Barcelona

… and I love tapas, consequently I …

gothic tapas

Salvador Dalí is still alive in Barcelona …

patio Dalí

Columbus discovered America. He liked America, but came back to Barcelona as soon as he could …

Colón en Barcelona

Walking by the Port Vell …

walking by the old harbor

Not today!

Barcelona port

That’s ok for this little post about Barcelona. It’s time to drink something under Barcelona’s sun …

drinking under Barcelona's sun


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9 Responses to A very simple post about Barcelona

  1. andrewsmile says:

    Cool simple post!!!

  2. I almost drool on the hot chocolate!

  3. Just a thought, I love your pictures but have you ever thought of presenting them as a slide show? I do that sometimes on my blog and i think it is more user friendly. ie you can just sit and watch the pictures go by, The disadvantage is that you can only put a brief comment with each picture.

    • Covetotop says:

      I guess you’re right. But I’m a little old fashioned and don’t feel very comfortable with this sort of innovations. Nevertheless, I’ll try it in any further post, especially when posting a lot of pictures in one single post. Thank you for your suggestion.

  4. David says:

    What a great day!

  5. Nice photography, I no nothing about your status as a photographer but many of your shoots are well composed, have emotional interest, and are quality images.

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