Sa Tuna cove: splash splash and yum yum

Dealing with happy monsters from the Middle Ages in Spain was an exhausting experience (see Covetotop’s last post).

Hence, today Covetotop is going back to his beloved Empordà, to the Costa Brava. He is willing to swim the blue Mediterranean and to eat good paella by the beach … Ho ho ho!

Ok. Let’s go to Sa Tuna.

This is Sa Tuna:

Cala Sa Tuna (Begur)

Sa Tuna, as you can see in the lovely picture above (Covetotop always takes lovely pictures), is a cove with a typical Catalan coastal-mini-village on it. It belongs to the Municipality of Begur , province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Earth planet. (By the way, to know more about Begur, see Covetotop’s “Begur, where the Old and the New World meet“)

In Sa Tuna village there are some white houses, two or three restaurants and a funny shop:

Shop in SaTuna

The cove has a charming little beach (pebbles, no sand) where Covetotop wanted to take a bath, but the sky is a little cloudy now, as you can see below, and taking into account that Covetotop is very sensitive to cold, we’d better take a walk. Follow me. We’re taking the coastal path to the right, to the South. It’s very nice; you won’t be disappointed.

cloudy beach

Yes, I know, we have to climb a little, but the views are well worth the effort …

satuna coastal path

walking on the green

crystal clear waters

Ok. Let’s go back to Sa Tuna cove …

satuna beach

Great! No clouds! Wait a minute, please … I’m going to take a little bath … Splash splash … Ahhh! Superb!

Sorry. I’m back. Where were we? Oh, yes … this damned Covetotop’s blog where I try to practice my weak English. Ok. Let’s go on. To the left side (North) of the little Sa Tuna cove. This stretch of the coastal path is awesome. It goes to Aiguafreda. I’ve just prepared for you a very clear sketch of the stretch’s start, just here below:

coastal path to aiguafreda

You’ll find some signs, but you don’t need them, as there is only one possible coastal path …

aiguafreda sa tuna way

Covetotop told you: “This stretch of the coastal path is awesome”

walking by the sea

The path is very easy to follow. It’s well suited for grandmas and granddaughters …

grandma and granddaughter

At the end of the path you’ll find the tiny but prodigious Aiguafreda cove. Some people think this is one of the top 10 beaches of the World (see Covetotop`s “A little post about a little Mediterranean cove“) …

cala Aiguafreda

Covetotop is hungry again. It’s time to go back to Sa Tuna.

begur sa tuna

We’re almost there …

mediterranean village sa tuna

Here we are again! Covetotop is about to enjoy a cosmological, sublime, hyper-delicious fishermen’s paella and a relaxing cool white wine (local Empordà D.O. wine, of course) in Hostal Sa Tuna …

hostal satuna

Hostal Sa Tuna is a very nice hostel, and a superb restaurant too. Covetotop recommends this restaurant to all his friends (Does Covetotop have friends?).

You can visit their webpage here:

Yum yum yum!

That’s ok for today. I must leave you now. Skies are clear and a mild breeze is blowing from the sea. I feel like swimming again. Bye!

Splash splash splash …

swimming in satuna bech


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  1. andreashesse says:

    very nice country and beautiful pictures

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