Drafting last Covetotop’s post was a tough job: too many English words to fix among windows and balconies. But the resulting thing was nice. Don’t you think so?

Today’s post isn’t going to be nice. In fact, it’s going to be hideous, dreadful, gross, loathsome, noxious, obnoxious, odious, sickening, revolting, nauseating, nauseous, shocking, nasty and abhorrent (sorry, I’m just learning a bunch of English synonyms of the word “ugly”).

And it’s going to be ugly because Covetotop is about to write here about something very hideous, dreadful, gross, loathsome, noxious, obnoxious, odious, sickening, revolting, nauseating, nauseous, shocking, nasty and abhorrent: the Spanish real estate bubble.

Covetotop loves nature, art, silence and solitude (well, most of the times). Hence, you can imagine the pain and depression of the poor Covetotop during the last “irresponsible decade” (Angela Merkel dixit) of building madness in Spain. Specially, in its beautiful Mediterranean coast.

During that decade, it was very clear to anybody with a brain, a soul and two eyes (like Covetotop!) that that was a crime against man and nature. It was very clear that that was an act of egoism and destruction. It was very clear that the Spanish politicians who allowed that hideous, dreadful, gross, loathsome, noxious, obnoxious, odious, sickening, revolting, nauseating, nauseous, shocking, nasty and abhorrent mess were killing Spain’s future.

Covetotop took the pictures below during the peak years of the “irresponsible decade” (2005, 2006, 2007 …). He took them in a state of horror and despair. By then, according to our politicians, Spain was playing in “the Champions League of the World’s economies” (thus spoke Zarathustra … sorry … I mean Zapatero, the former Spanish government’s president!)

Cry with Covetotop remembering this horror …

Carboneras, Cabo de Gata (Andalucía, Southern Spain). This cape was (and it is) a Mediterranean paradise. Officially, this zone was declared a Natural Park, with special protection, but see the picture below, see that monster building in progress and its monster cranes. Covetotop, horrified, took this picture in 2006:

This kind of mini-New York with an outstanding beach is Benidorm (Valencia region, Southeastern Spain). It’s the result of many years of crazy speculation. Apparently, there is no place for one more building … but are you sure?

Levante beach

Yes! There was a little lot free! Covetotop took this picture in 2007 …

front beach Benidorm

This is Mojácar, a touristic village of Andalucía (Southern Spain). No free lots left facing the beach when Covetotop took this pic in 2007 …

Here below, San José (Andalucía) in 2006:

This daunting resort is situated in a long Mediterranean beach (Torre Valentina, Baix Empordà, Catalonia). The wonderful stone tower you see in the foreground (“Torre Valentina” itself) was built in the 16th century to defense villagers against pirate attacks. As a proud and heroic tower, it stands firmly face to face with the monster.

The tiny and lovely village of Beuda, also in Catalonia, didn’t scape from those wild years. I love this village. It has a simple and beautiful Romanesque church (Sant Feliú, from the 12th century), just a few old houses (made of stone blocks) and a good and inexpensive restaurant.  Its setting is awesome: it is surrounded by forests and has the Pyrenees Mountains as background. Now see that modern bi-familiar house under construction (some years ago; I haven’t come back to Beuda since then), excessively close to the Romanesque church, spoiling the charm of the little village …

And see this enormous sign announcing public investment in some pointless sport facilities …

And see here below the friendless sport facilities, so close to the Romanesque church and its cemetery …

By the way, the lovely Beuda is still the center of some very interesting excursions to a plethora of Romanesque little churches …

Last picture. Ugliness reached the very center of the Iberian Peninsula too. Here below, on top of the belfry of an old Baroque church, a stork stands on its nest, apparently unaware of the menacing horror: cranes and new housing developments in the background, destruction of old houses in the foreground just to replace them for new, impersonal ones (somewhere in the middle of the Castilla y León region). What a mess. This picture was shot in 2005!

That’s enough. Next post will be nice. Covetotop promises you.


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6 Responses to Ugly

  1. i cry with you. and am willing to fight on your side. just so you know 🙂

  2. How dreadful! It is no consolation, but this kind of crime against humanity is going on not only in Spain! What a tragedy. Keep writing!

  3. a ferreira says:

    To like or not to like, that’s the … dilemma!
    The pictures are good, but they depict awful sights.
    The description is clear and accurate, but the situation is revolting and disgusting.
    And surely this doesn’t help much, but exactly the same could be said about Portugal…
    Change the name of the politicians (except for Merkel, of course, and besides Merkel is not even her name), change the name of the places – and the movie is just the same. 😦

    It’s fantastic that you expose it in such sharp words, no euphemisms, no fallacies! 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for your comment, Ana! This was certainly a sad post. I’ll try to be more optimistic in next posts, but it is difficult in these times and … with all those politicians … 😦

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