Blogging and inspiration

What to blog today?

I don’t feel like writing too much today. Last Covetotop’s post was too long and too surrealistic. Hence today I’ll write just a few lines to practice my English and to learn a little new vocabulary.

Ok. But, what about? I don’t know. I’d better ask my most intelligent friend for some ideas …


My most intelligent friend (pic above) says he has no other ideas than eating well and enjoying outdoor life. I must admit they are great ideas, but not for today’s post.

Ok. Disregarded. What to blog today?

Recently, I published a wonderful post dealing with balconies and windows. It had a tremendous success: 8 visitors in one single day. Can you imagine that? Wow! Yes; I can post about something similar, like … like … doors and cats?


No. Better not.

Perhaps a silent stroll to the lighthouse could throw upon my brain some illumination about what to blog …

Faro San Sebastián Ampurdán

Hi. I’m back. No illumination today.

What to blog?

In Spain there are quite a few beautiful monuments. I could choose one of them and post here something about it. About the awesome Alhambra Palace, for example …

Patio de los leones La Alhambra

But in that case, I should provide my visitors with detailed information about the history of La Alhambra, when to visit it, what to see, where to eat nearby … That’s too much work. And I’m tired. I’ll do it any other day.

What to blog today?

No idea. I’m getting a little nervous. I’m about to give up. That wouldn’t be a problem if I had no visitors at all, but according to the WordPress stats page, Covetotop is receiving some visitors from time to time (I guess they are lost in cyberspace), mostly from USA.

That means an extra dose of responsibility. Lost or not, friendly readers deserve some sort of consideration and quality.

Moreover, one of them, an American teacher, novelist, fellow blogger and virtual friend, has nominated Covetotop for something called “The Versatile Blogger Award”. I don’t have a clear idea about what this thing is, but it sounds terrific.

Thanks again, Olivia

Renault Gordini

But, versatile or not, Covetotop doesn’t know what to blog about today.

The sun is shining out there. Weather is hot and the Mediterranean looks wonderful and placid.

This mythical sea has been a source of inspiration for philosophers, artists and writers during thousands of years. Perhaps it can help me too. Let’s try it now …

Playa Es Castell

I got no inspiration, but the sea is superb today at Es Castell beach (Baix Empordà, Costa Brava). I’d rather blog any other day.



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4 Responses to Blogging and inspiration

  1. Tyran Grillo says:

    Blogging is like the mind: it always holds surprises. We’re all in this ocean together!

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Great pictures and a wonderful blog!

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