Begur (part 6): Sa Riera cove

This is Covetotop’s last and final post (well, by now) devoted to the little municipality of Begur (Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain) and its awesome coves.

As Covetotop’s loyal few followers/friends may well know, this blog is a little chaotic. The word “order” means something beyond my human capabilities.  Nevertheless, I’ll do my best in this post to put some clarity into Covetotop’s series about the petite paradise known as Begur.

So, in an attempt to be logical, the Begur series can be summarized and reordered as follows:

Part 1: Begur: Where the Old and the New World meet



Aiguablava club nautic

Part 2: Aiguablava: Mediterranean anti-matter




Part 3: Swimming in the Costa Brava



Cala Sa Tuna (Begur)

Part 4: Sa Tuna cove: splash splash and yum yum



Aiguafreda cove

Part 5: A little post about a little Mediterranean cove

That being said, there was just one area left in this series: Sa Riera, which is the northernmost cove of Begur.


Sa Riera is basically composed by some white houses, a sandy beach, hundreds of pines and an immense blue sea. From time to time, there are some boats and some people too, in or out of the sea, indistinctly:

Cala Sa Riera

If you ever go to Sa Riera, you must know that if you follow the coastal path to the right (South), you’ll enjoy beautiful sea views, but it goes to nowhere …

Yacht by the Mediterranean

… consequently you’ll have to go back by the same coastal path …

walking by the Med

… to Sa Riera again …

Playa de Sa Riera, Begur

But if you take the coastal path to the left (North), you’ll end up in a nudist beach (be careful) called Illa Roja. This awesome beach marks the limit with the neighboring municipality of Pals …

Es Racó

At this point (if there is any reader left at this point), you, my dear virtual friend, may wonder why Covetotop whishes to put an end to this lovely series about Begur and its portentous coves. The reason is very clear: Covetotop is hungry.

And when Covetotop is hungry, Covetotop loves posting about local food and local restaurants. Posting about Paella, for example. And some of the best paellas of Spain (apart from Valencia’s) are served in a bunch of restaurants spread in the municipality of Pals, which happens to be the Northern limit of the municipality of Begur.

Hence, I have felt compelled to write the last post about Begur, before writing the first post about Pals and its delicious rice/paellas/restaurants.

Yum yum yum yum …

Hasta la vista!


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5 Responses to Begur (part 6): Sa Riera cove

  1. hookedontaste says:

    Beautiful pictures. I wish I was there on that trip.

  2. i wonder why, but i feel like i’ve been there before, tough i haven’t really…

  3. I’m sitting here in rainy Dublin (some say this is a good winter!) and dreaming of the places in those wonderful pictures! Thanks for that. Keep snapping.

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