Where to eat good paella at the Costa Brava

Covetotop is very hungry.

What to do? Is it better to eat first and then blog or just blog on an empty stomach?

I guess I’d rather blog first and then eat and siesta. Yes. I’ll do it this way. Hence, this is going to be an ultra-schematic post. I beg your pardon.

Ok. Let’s go.

Mini-Chapter 1: Paella.

Paella is a famous (at least in Europe) rice dish from Spain. It is made using just about any kind of ingredient that goes well with rice. Let’s focus our attention on the fisherman’s paella (paella marinera), for example.

It looks like this:

Fisherman paella

Mini-Chapter 2: Rice from Pals.

The main ingredient of paella is rice. And the rice cultivated in the Pals area (Baix Empordà, Catalonia, Spain) is outstanding.

If you need further information about the Pals rice, or if you want to buy some cute cloth sacks of it, you can visit (if you understand the Catalan language) the webpages of some local producers, like:



In the village of Pals there are some nice shops where you can buy local delicatessens, including Pals rice (see the little cloth sacks in the middle of the picture below):

Pals shop

Mini-Chapter 3: Pals.

This is a country view of Pals:

Pals village

This is a glimpse of the medieval village of Pals:


In the little municipality of Pals there is a long beach named Platja de Pals, or Pals beach.

This is Pals beach in winter:

Pals beach

This is Pals beach in summer:

Summer beach

More views of Pals village in Covetotop’s “Little gems from the Middle Ages

Pals is very nice. Covetotop loves Pals.

Mini-Chapter 4: The restaurants.

There are lots of good restaurants in the Pals area. This is merely a short list, a subjective selection of just 3 (plus 1 very special) restaurants. All of them use Pals rice to cook their delicious paellas or their “arroz a la cazuela” (“arròs a la cassola” in Catalan), which is a local specialty very similar to paella.

Restaurant Solimar:

This old restaurant is located on the very beach of Pals. Superb paellas. Not expensive. Familiar ambience. Noisy and very “Mediterranean”.

Phone: 972 636 419

Web: www.restaurantsolimar.com


Restaurant in Pals

For starters you can taste some “sonsos” (fried little fish):

fried little fish

And then a “paella marinera”:

Fisherman's paella

Restaurant Sol Blanc:

As they say, “A homely atmosphere in a former country house located in an idyllic setting on the Empodanese plain with the ancient castle in the medieval complex of Pals on the horizon. This is where in 1994 Mariló Chacon and Josep Ventura decided to give form to their dream of creating a small restaurant where they could give free rein to their own honest and savory gastronomic ideas”

Phone: 972 667 365

Web: www.restaurantsolblanc.com


Solblanc Pals

This is their “escalibada”:

Starters vegetables

“Arròs a la cassola” (Pals rice, squids, fish …):

Pals rice


UPDATE: The restaurant above has new owners. I havent updated yet neither pics nor my stomach!

Restaurant Sa Torre:

This traditional restaurant is located in Palau Sator, a medieval village very close to Pals.

Road to Palau Sator:

Baix Empordà

Country view of Palau Sator:

Country view

And this is Restaurant Sa Torre (left door!):

Restaurant in Palau Sator

Phone: 972 634 118

Web: www.restaurantsatorre.com

Salad with warm goat cheese:

Rice casserole with fish and spidercrab:

Restaurant Tritón:

This is the special one I mentioned above. Unforgetable paella, arròs a la cassola, fish… At this regard see this and this posts.

I’m sorry. I’m starving. I simply cannot go on with this post.

Yum yum yum yum!

Good bye!



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  1. a huge amount of research for this wonderful, punchy post. i really enjoy how your style has been evolving, covetotop

    ps. slipped into rome’s caffe’ tazza d’oro the other day. they have a picture of you on the wall, and it says ‘wanted’… 😉

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