Restaurant El Trull d’en Francesc (Boadella, Alt Empordà)

Boadella d'Empordà

Let’s face it: tourist guides, the famous tourist guides that cover the whole of our beloved planet and some parts of the Moon, are not 100% trustworthy.

They are ok in order to get an overview, a glimpse, a vista of the beaten path. They are ok if you love tourist food and being trapped in tourist traps.

Hence, when you arrive to your destination (e.g., a restaurant) with your tourist guide under your arm, you’ll most probably find there a colorful legion of other tourists like yourself, armed with the very same tourist guides under their arms, eating expensive shit.

Come on. You are not a common turist. You are a traveller and you love the real thing. In addition to that, you are very lucky, because you have found Covetotop’s blog. So, forget your guide and follow my ultra-local advice …

If you ever travel to the Costa Brava (a Mediterranean paradise full of happy tourists burning their pale skins under the sun), and you want to taste first class Catalan cuisine (the real one), get out of the beach, take your car and drive to the interior (half an hour from the sea), to the Alt Empordà countryside.

For instance, you can go to Boadella d’Empordà and have your lunch or dinner at Restaurant “El Trull d’en Francesc”:

tel: 972 56 90 27



This is the dinning room of El Trull d’en Francesc …

Autumn view  of The river Muga, just in front of the Restaurant:


Summer view of the same river:


And here below you have some examples of their art (pictures taken on different occasions, as Covetotop visits this restaurant very often) …

(Note: the dish above isn’t burned; they are “calçots”, a very typical Catalan speciality …)

Boadella d'Empordà

I’m hungry. Good-bye.



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9 Responses to Restaurant El Trull d’en Francesc (Boadella, Alt Empordà)

  1. this is really a cool tip!

  2. Tyran Grillo says:

    Envious! This looks amazing…

  3. oliviaobryon says:

    Looks incredible! Costa Brava is on my wish list 🙂

  4. So, what are calcots? Do I want to know?

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