Restaurant La Llar del Pagès (Capmany, Alt Empordà)

This is a little post about a little restaurant located in a little village, which serves a superb menu.

Capmany restaurant

Finding this restaurant in Capmany (Alt Empordà, Girona province, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Earth planet) is a little tricky. But if you, my dear reader, were talented enough as to find my stupendous blog in the chaotic cyberspace, I’m sure you’ll be able to find this little, cozy, romantic, old and immensely charming restaurant too (

cozy table

Chef is Toni Sabas, a master of Catalan cuisine. Here below you have a glimpse of his art. It’s a delicious menu tasted and tested personally by Covetotop just for the sake of blogging …

A little starter:

Catalan food

First dish: delicious home-made “micuit” :micuit

Second: Fresh fish with fresh vegetables …

Corbina a la plancha con verduras

Third: Ravioli of “butifarras” …


Dessert: Dark Tobago chocolate cake …

tobago chocolate

Coffee and petit fours

petit fours

A restaurant’s window. Not to eat …

Restaurant La Llar, Capmany

Strongly recommended by Covetotop.

Restaurant La Llar del Pagès: Carrer Alt 11, Capmany (Girona). Tel. 972 54 91 70



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