Freshly Flattered

I don’t know how it could happen.

This blog used to be a tranquil place.

I was here, lost in cyberspace, writing lazily naive texts, uploading my colorful pictures, showing to an almost silent world my favorite corners of SW Europe, my best secrets, my humble treasures … Yes, I was in the WordPress blogosphere exposing my posts in the utmost peace.

Like so many fellow bloggers worldwide, I blog for the joy of blogging. The act of creating something new is good for one’s spirit, as long as it isn’t urban garbage. Moreover, blogging is good for my English too (as you may well guess by now, English isn’t my mother language).

Building audiences has never been a target here, but I was fortunate enough to get, little by little, a microscopic bunch of followers. A wonderful bunch of friendly, patient and smart followers.

So, here I was in the utmost peace when, one day, I got an email from the WordPress Editors …

Featured on Freshly Pressed? Me?

“This email must be that weird thing called phishing” –I thought- “Or spam, or a hacker, or something worse. I am not American. I don’t have the skills to blog properly. No doubt: spam or phishing”.

It wasn’t spam. It wasn’t phishing.

It was the American dream knocking at my door.

The American dream knocked at my door more than a thousand times in the following few hours under the form of a huge wave of clicks, likes and comments …

I panicked. It thought that the whole planet was viewing my humble blog.

“Oh my! I should review and correct my whole blog asap! That picture is overexposed; this one is underexposed! The horizon! The horizon! The horizon isn’t straight in this photo! Oh shit! Here I have a grammatical error! Another one! How do they spell “discombobulated”? Oh mighty Internet: stop this invasion, please!”

I felt embarrassed. I felt as if I was naked in front of a big audience. All my flaws, all my silly musings suddenly exposed …

But, after reading some emails, I realized that people really enjoyed my “Little churches in the middle of nowhere” post. Little by little, with the help of my old Merriam-Webster dictionary, I tried to answer as many comments as possible. I tried to say thank you in every conceivable way to all those kind folks. And I felt good.

Today, one week after being “Freshly Pressed”, Covetotop’s blog is again the lazy and peaceful Mediterranean blog it used to be …

I have added some new friends to my tiny bunch of loyal followers. And I have added an incredible week to my life.

Thank you, WordPress.

God bless America.


About Covetotop

A Mediterranean blogger
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24 Responses to Freshly Flattered

  1. jgmtheo says:

    Ah which do you perfer ? which can you live with best ? Fame or peacefulness ?

  2. gpicone says:

    May I ask how long you have been blogging? And keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. You are too funny. The Freshly Pressed onslaught can be quite overwhelming…yet exciting. If I could write in French half as well as you do in English I would be ecstatic. Keep in mind that French is actually my first language. But the 6 six year old girl that arrived in America did not think it cool to speak French. Oh how wrong she was. If only my mother had forced that upon me like she did everything else. If I could I would be travelling the world but instead I live vicariously through those who live in other places;).
    Your new follower,

  4. oliviaobryon says:

    You’re hilarious. Love it.

  5. Richert Manjarres says:


  6. harri8here says:

    Your humour + insight + gorgeous images = perfect blog

  7. So well described – panic, almost… 😉

    Congratulations, Covetotop. I always knew i am following a winner. Hope you keep this up a long, long time.

  8. Eri Berry says:

    Amazing pics, as always. c:

  9. rodalena says:

    I know what you mean…it was rather humbling when I realized Simon & Schuster didn’t come and bang my door down, and my stats plummeted back to their normal depressing levels. I think being Freshly Pressed *is* a very big deal, but I think it is more so for those of us who click on something interesting and find a window into a part of the world we didn’t know we missed. Thanks for your blog. Peaceful places are valuable.

  10. Congratulations! And so modest as well!! The humour also has it in your blog! Well done and……..keep practicing the English. It is………s…l…..o….w…l…y but surely…(!!!) ahm…improving! The pictures are not bad either. Anyway Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lolabees says:

    Congrats! That is so exciting. I love your title and how you added to the feelings in your story with your photos.

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