Covetotop loves art, solitude and wandering off the beaten path … and he blogs accordingly.

And if so, what the hell is he doing in Benidorm?

Benidorm is not off the beaten path; it is at the very center of it. Benidorm is a Mediterranean madness, a never-ending fiesta, an ecological crime, a sunny, noisy, lazy and archetypical tourist mecca.

Yes; it could be a nightmare for sensitive people … but it’s so funny … the weather is so good … its beach is so magnificent … and the Mediterranean sea is so blue …

I beg your pardon, my little bunch of loyal and sensitive readers, but today I’m blogging about Benidorm. It was a little fishing village (Southeastern Spain) long time ago, but over the past decades it has been transformed into … eerrr … the kind of “Beni York” you are about to see in this post.

No more words.



wonderful beach

Benidorm island

Mediterranean skyline

balcony by the sea

Sand Neptune

Mediterranean beach

Mediterranean dawn


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17 Responses to Benidorm

  1. You have effectively succeeded in making Benidorm appear as a quite charming place. That, my friend, is quite a feat! Very nice 😉

  2. betterthanfree says:

    Benidorm! Benidorm! A wonderful place. Benidorm. Benidorm. It’s a wonderful place

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve never been to a place where the water is so blue, but someday I intend to. 😀 Beautiful pics!

  4. Great photos, but no…..I prefer quiet, peaceful places!! Without the…..Splash!!

  5. Tyran Grillo says:

    Aha! The images speak!

  6. The water…the sky…so much blue! I’m sure everyone can forgive you for being led astray by such beautiful shades of blue.

  7. Eri Berry says:

    Entre mar y montañas, hay… edificios tan grandes!
    La belleza de la naturaleza. 😉

    Pero es bueno que la playa es muy limpia. Ya he visto playas con tantas basuras. ¡Qué horroroso!

  8. cristitol says:

    Yo cuando era pequeña veraneaba en Benidorm, en la playa de Poniente, concretamente en La Cala, y me encantaba. Supongo que, como bien dices, ahora es una locura. Por cierto, tus fotos son preciosas.

    • Covetotop says:

      De pequeño también he estado alguna que otra vez en Benidorm y supongo que por eso le tengo especial cariño.
      Tanto la playa de Levante como la de Poniente son estupendas, y a pesar de la locura de edificios, me sigue gustando este “pueblecito mediterráneo”.
      Muchas gracias por tus comentarios!

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