Restaurant L’Hort del Rector (Monells, Baix Empordà)

“L’Hort del Rector” (Catalan language) means “The Parish Priest’s Kitchen Garden”.

It is a restaurant.

In fact, it is a wonderful, cozy, bohemian, magic, fantastic, romantic, artistic, pianistic, violinistic, philharmonic and inexpensivic restaurant; one of my absolute favorites in l’Empordà Catalonia Spain Europe the whole world.

The only problem you can face with this restaurant is to find it. It is like a hidden treasure. A treasure hidden in a little Mediterranean jungle. But don’t worry, here is your friend Covetotop to help you with his clear and accurate indications:

Restaurant L'Hort del Rector

All clear? No?

Ok. Not yet. I guess you need more accurate indications. Here you have another one: The restaurant is located just in front of the Saint Genís church, in the village of Monells (Girona, Spain).  In order to be sure you identify the Saint Genís church, you have to take into account these two important facts:

  1. The Saint Genís church has a Gothic apse and a Baroque façade.
  2. There is no other church in Monells.

Well, considering that a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s post here below a picture of the Saint Genís church:


Remember: L’Hort del Rector is located just in front of the church. Considering that two pictures are worth two thousand words …

Restaurant in Monells

Monells, Girona

Monells is a very picturesque little village. I’ll write a very picturesque little post about it one of these days, but not today (pic below: Monells busy main square).

little main square

The countryside around Monells is amazingly beautiful. I’ll write an amazingly beautiful post about this countryside next spring, when flowers bloom, if I am able to write amazingly beautiful posts by next spring.

For now, let’s go to the restaurant and let’s get a table …

bruixa Monells

This old house interior is very nice. There are paintings and books all over the place, one old piano, wooden furniture, ideal lights and historical photos even in the bathroom (in the men’s bathroom there is an ancient b/w portrait of an opera singer)

cozy dinning room

charming table at restaurant in Monells

L’Hort del Rector is specialized in Catalan and Basque cuisine. And codfish is the king here. Some days you even can taste codfish ice cream … (I’m not kidding)

Restaurant advertisement

But if you don’t wish cod, don’t worry. You can taste all kind of salads (really fresh vegetables from the parish priest’s kitchen garden), rock fish terrine with salad, canelloni with cream sauce of onions and cheese, stuffed “pimientos del piquillo”, grilled vegetables, duck confit with sweet and sour sauce, veal striploin and tenderloin, “chuletón de Girona” (arguably, one of the best steaks you can taste in Europe) …

But whenever Covetotop goes to L’Hort del Rector, he may ask for cod puffs, smoked cod carpaccio, cod patties with a cream of prawns, cod with tomato marmalade and herbs, cod on a bed of spinach and honey, cod with prawns and allioli (typical Spanish garlic mayonnaise; by the way, did you know that “mayonnaise” comes from “Mahón” –“mahonesa”-, which is the capital of the Spanish island of Menorca?), cod with garlic and beans arriero (muleteer) style, cod with a cream sauce of truffles, cod with escargots in spicy tomato sauce, cod with a cream of Roquefort cheese and nuts …

The pics below show the humble dishes I had to eat the other day just to prepare this post for the joy of my little bunch of loyal readers …

1)  “Pastissets” (a secret recipe of cod-balls) with a cream sauce of shrimps.

cod balls

2) A special assortment of three cods: cod “L’Hort del Rector style”, cod with cream sauce of onions and cheese, and cod “de la yaya” (grandmother’s style).

bacalao de la casa

3) Dessert: Recuit de Fonteta with nuts and honey.

Recuit de Fonteta

And, of course, bread Catalan style (“pa amb tomàquet”) …

bread with tomato and garlic

… and a local white wine (from l’Empordà).

white wine from Ampurdán

A very friendly and attentive service will make you feel at home. I’m not totally sure if Anita, the owner, speaks all the languages of the world (probably she does) but, in any case, English-speaking people won’t have any problem here.

Musicians will feel at home too …

Practical info:

Restaurant L´Hort del Rector

Esglesia Street, 2, Madremanya-Monells  Road; 17121 Monells
Tel: 972 63 03 96


More about the charms of Monells in: Covetotop’sMonells, Madremanya and the noisy 21st Century


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12 Responses to Restaurant L’Hort del Rector (Monells, Baix Empordà)

  1. hellopoponta says:

    I wonder where that red tint of Pastissets sauce comes from. Shrimp or saffron maybe, or simply red peppers that seem to decorate the dish?
    They all look so delicious!

    • Covetotop says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know the recipe. All that I can say is that the “pastissets” are delicious. And that the red strips that decorate three balls are red peppers, as you pointed out. Thaks for visiting!

  2. You always open wonderful windows into fantastic worlds… Just great (and mouth-watering) 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Cod ice cream? Wow! I really can’t imagine what that’s like!
    I didn’t know that about mayonnaise. Thank you for that bit of information.
    Another great post that made me smile and laugh and, once again, want to travel more. 😀

    • Covetotop says:

      Oh yes! I know it sounds a little weird, but I have tried cod ice cream here some time ago and I can say it was delicious. They served it with a soft peppermint sauce. Chefs in this little area of Spain are a little crazy (e.g: Ferran Adrià), but their creations are superb.
      Thank you for your, once again, nice comments, Sarah 😀

  4. LKU says:

    I fell in love with the Basque region when I visited, but have not experienced anything from Catalonia yet. The food looks incredible… Thanks for sharing.

  5. harri8here says:

    The most gorgeous looking restaurant. And i love cod.

  6. Covetotop, we are already trying to plan a way to have a lunch at L´Hort del Rector. Your wonderful blog makes it all so inviting that we are looking to stay longer in the region. Thank you as always for hosting us in your native land via the Covetotop blog!

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for your kind comment, Dennis. This little corner of the world is certainly very beautiful and relatively little known (beaches apart). Sensitive travellers (like PJ and you) would like it very much.

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