Staying focused

I like blogging. Among other reasons, it is a funny and creative way to practice a foreign language (English, in this case).

Moreover, blogging encourages me to sharpen my otherwise dull imagination, my normally blurred photographic skills and my deathly boring writing style.

Why? -You may wonder.

Because there is a potential audience -I may answer.

And potential audiences are daunting -I may add.

I have to admit that most of the time my potential audience is more potential than audience, but in any case I feel compelled to blog properly.

In order to blog properly I need to stay focused on my post. This is a very difficult task. Today, for example, I wanted to write a post about one of my favorite philosophers: Arthur Schopenhauer. Let’s do it. I know it is a tough subject for this chaotic blog, but I know I can do it. I only need to exert my willpower. But first, let me drink my morning coffee:

The coffee was delicious, but I’m not yet focused. I’m feeling a little bit foggy, discombobulated, atmospheric …

Cloudy view

Perhaps a cold bath could wake my focusing capabilities up.

lonely beach

No. It didn’t. I’m just frozen.

Psychologists say that background music may help everyone to stay relaxed and focused. Let’s try it.

Berlin Philarmonic

Wow! No. Out of focus. It doesn’t work. Beethoven played by the Berlin Philharmonic is not relaxing. Whenever I hear Beethoven’s music, my heart beats mad and my consciousness ends up totally blurred. Beethoven is like a bus that takes my mind far away from reality, and that is not good for blogging.

musical bus

Beethoven reveals the innermost nature of the world, and expresses the profoundest wisdom in a language that my reasoning faculty can barely understand.

world globe

I love Beethoven, but it is supposed that this post is about Schopenhauer. I have to stay focused on Schopenhauer. Yes, yes, yes.

Schopenhauer was German.

In Germany it rains a lot.


The boss of Germany is Frau Angela Merkel. She lives here:


I like German food and German beer and German cakes …

Munich food

German cake

I like German folk music too.

German folk band

But I rather prefer Beethoven.

the greatest musician ever

I like Wagner too. Hence, whenever I hear Wagner’s music, my heart beats mad and my consciousness tends to blur …

Richard Wagner in Luzern

Richard Wagner was a keen reader of Schopenhauer.

Let’s stay focused on Schopenhauer.

Staying focused on anything means being productive. Productivity means working harder for longer time at one’s health expense in order to produce an absurd amount of things that most probably nobody will buy unless you offer them at a bargain price.

I don’t like productivity.

I’ll post about Schopenhauer any other day.


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10 Responses to Staying focused

  1. Shtina says:

    Very clever photo story!

  2. inukshuk says:

    I think that was a nicely productive post ! And it sure reminds me of my own attempts at staying focused on one blogging subject… 🙂

  3. One of the finest Covetotop Trips yet. And that German food half an hour before dinner rang a bell like Pavlov’s… Keep up the great style!

  4. That post was very………. Schopenhauerian!!! Great!

  5. harri8here says:

    Hahaha … this is a quite brilliant post: the writing, sentiment and pictures are all terrific.

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