Europe viewed from my folding bicycle (part I): Italy

I have a folding bicycle.

It is so cute …

And very practical too.

Do you wanna see it?


folding bicycle

Wherever I go, I park my little car asap and get my bicycle out of the trunk. And I unfold it. And I ride. And I smile.

Mediterranean street


Europe is very beautiful. That old lady, viewed from my folding bicycle, has hypnotic effects upon me.

Renaissance beauty


Hypnosis is especially strong in Italy, where I experience a perpetual state of awe and wonder.

awesome cathedral


Under this state, I ride my bicycle craning and folding my neck in scary ways to see the myriad details that surround me.

Tuscany Lucca


There is so much beauty that some times I don’t know where to focus my attention first.

Verona buildings



Absis Bergamo


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Masterpiece façade


I have to admit that this artistic way of riding a bicycle is perhaps a little dangerous for adjacent pedestrians … and that some of them can even insult me …

Insulting monuments


In those embarrassing moments I always try to fly away as fast as I can and look for a safe shelter …

Puccini at Lucca


In some occasions, as I ride along the streets, I may come across with a fellow folding-bicyclist, and then I say “Buon giorno, signore!”

Buon giorno signore


In other occasions, when I ride along the streets, I may come across with a group of runners, and then I don’t say anything.

Running in Parma


My folding bicycle (Brompton) is a focus of attraction wherever I go. Dante Alighieri himself was very interested in it when I visited him …

Talking Dante


Even street indications are charming in Italy …

musical street


Let’s go on …

Flowers house

Lake Como

Riding my little bicycle I easily can sneak a glimpse of some humble houses by Lake Como …

Como house

Lake Como

A folding bicycle comes very handy when you want to visit a nice church located relatively far away from downtown and you don’t feel like walking too much …

Basilica of San Zeno (Verona)

Basilica of San Zeno (Verona)

Once folded, I don’t need to park my bicycle. I take it with me wherever I enter …

Verona Basilica San Zeno

Basilica of San Zeno (Verona)

Portofino is fine …

mediterranean harbor


L’Italia è molto bella …

Italian bridge Bassano

Bassano del Grappa

Yes; Italy is very beautiful viewed from my folding bicycle …

bike and square

Bassano del Grappa

To be continued.

Stay tuned.




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11 Responses to Europe viewed from my folding bicycle (part I): Italy

  1. I’m with you every pedal of the way! Love your photos and sense of place.

  2. Tyran Grillo says:

    You are now the official “spokes” person for European tourism! 😉

  3. Gorgeous photos, and cheers to a fellow bike-rider! I got shouted at this very afternoon for a bit of, as you say, artistic cycling.

  4. OK – i’ve officially added a folding bicycle to my list of things to get…

    Another great post and – grazie per lo stupendo tributo…

  5. Jean says:

    We cycle toured on our folding bikes plus used the trains for southern Germany, France, Switzerland (1 day), Prague (tougher city to bike around) and Copenhagen. It was great. I have a Dahon folding bike.

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