Restaurant Mas Pou (Palau-sator, Baix Empordà)


Shhhh! … dear reader …please keep secret the information I am about to provide to you in this post …

Shhhh! … dear reader … let all those international tourist masses avid of charming Mediterranean places visit our cousins of Provence or Tuscany on guided tours …

Shhhh! … let all of them enjoy their pizzas …

Shhhh! … in this post we are going to a relatively unknown (by global tourism standards, and compared to Provence or Tuscany) Mediterranean paradise … we are going to the heart of Empordà … the so-called “l’Empordanet”, the little Empordà … Shhhhh!

Do you want a glimpse of this magic treasure? Then you have to visit at least my two posts linked below (you don’t need to read them if you are sleepy, just see the pics), but … keep them strictly secret:

As far as food is concerned, there are outstanding restaurants in this area. One of my favorites (not expensive) is Restaurant Mas Pou, located in the micro-Medieval-village of Palau-sator:

Country view

In roughly 10 minutes you have seen the whole Palau-sator (no need to run).

You’ll need much more time to enjoy the ultra-traditional Catalan cuisine served at this grand 16th century stone farmhouse with a garden terrace named Mas Pou:

Catalan restaurant

It’s rural and cozy.

Restaurant in Emporda

Mas Pou table

Its address is Carrer Mota street, Palau-sator, province of Girona. Tel: 972 63 41 25

My first recommendation: ask for a local wine (D.O. Empordà)

red wine Emporda

My second recommendation: don’t ask for ordinary bread. Ask for “Coca de Palau-sator” the traditional way … In other words, “a la Catalana”

Catalan bread

My third recommendation: if you want to take a picture of the “Coca de Palau-sator”, do it before drinking the local wine. I didn’t follow this basic rule and I got a blurred picture (pic above)

The “carta” is long and very traditional (no avant-garde cuisine here). You’ll find a lot of different dishes to choose from. Here below there are just some of the dishes I use to choose whenever I go to Mas Pou.

croquetas de gambas


snails with alioli

(I assume that if you aren’t a Spaniard or a French, you won’t choose the delicious snails with “alioli” featured above. Don’t worry; ordinary meat -below- is outstanding in this part of the world)

Catalan steak


galta prunes

Tatin cake


Just a final recommendation: food is superb in Mas Pou. The only problem you may have is losing control of yourself and eating too much ultra-local food in a row. In that case, perhaps you’ll begin to hear a very strange music in your head …

Sardana Empordà

In that case, don’t worry. It’s very normal to hear local music (named “sardana”) in your head after having an ultra-local lunch, but then it is strongly advisable going to the nearest awesome mirador by the coast and letting the Mediterranean sea refresh you with its balmy breeze …

Aiguablava shore

Shhhhh! … dear reader … don’t tell anybody about all this information … I’d like to continue enjoying this beautiful land, superb food and balmy breezes in a relative calm, at least during low season … let the crowds visit Provence and Tuscany the whole year round … they are very beautiful too … Shhhhh!



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10 Responses to Restaurant Mas Pou (Palau-sator, Baix Empordà)

  1. Shhhh… now i’m hungry! Great stuff, Covetotop…

  2. Perfection! I shall explore–very quietly.

  3. Christina says:

    I appreciate it very much that your trust us dear readers with this excellent information. I see some more food/Art here to enjoy! 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I love the least known places best! Thanks for sharing this gem with us.

  5. harri8here says:

    Yummmm! I’m famished!

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