Fiesta, Can Climent, Begur and the Mediterranean Sea

The Tramontana wind is very dangerous. It is our Northern wind. It drives us crazy.

Today I woke up on a secluded sandy cove … I am still puzzled, trying to figure out what could have happened …

Let’s see.

Yesterday, at dawn, a soft Mediterranean breeze was blowing over the old village of Begur …

Costa Brava village

The silence was total in the streets of Begur …

Begur street

An air of mystery and solitude was floating in the atmosphere …

Streets of Begur

Somehow, I knew something special was about to happen …

Gothic palace in Begur

So, I decided to run to the top of the village, to the castle, and find out what it could be …

Begur's castle

When I arrived to the battlement, I didn’t see anything strange …

Emporda view

But, suddenly, it happened …


The Catalan flag was about to disintegrate. The vane was frozen pointing to the North. The Mediterranean Sea, here below, seemed very angry -Oh my! The Tramontana wind has just begun to blow and howl!-I cried.

Mediterranean view

I panicked and rushed back to the village … but it was too late to warn anybody … the Tramontanian madness was noticeable everywhere …

Mad street

The villagers had lost their minds and all of them were dancing “salsa” in the main square, leaded by a pair of authentic Cuban dancers (most probably transported by the wind itself) …

Salsa dance

“This is going to be a very long day. I’ll need a good breakfast” -I thought. Thanks God, there was an open air market that day in Begur and I bought some cheese …

Catalan cheese

… and I queued up for some local “fuet” and “salchichón” …


… and recent made bread, and honey …

bread and honey

… and marmalades, everything made in l’Empordà and sold directly by their producers, bakers, farmers …


There were also some fishes for sale, but they didn’t seem real to me; I’d dare to say they were painted. An old lady was arguing with the fisherman about the freshness of his fishes …

market in Begur

And there was that Cuban drink named mojito everywhere.

Mojitos in Begur

Even two little girls ordered a pair of mojitos, to the barman’s surprise …


The Tramontana had transformed Begur into a big “fiesta” …

I wanted to hear the latest news about this magic wind and its crazy effects on the population. I needed a radio, but I didn’t have anyone at hand. No problem. A powerful gust of wind brought the complete local radio station to me …

Radio Begur

There were good news: they said that by sunset the Northern wind would slow down. But the sunset hour arrived and the Tramontana didn’t slow down …

church's clock

At night, another gust of wind took away the Cuban dancers and the local “Sardana” substituted “Salsa” music …

Cobla Baix Empordà

… and everyone, old and young, began to dance “Sardana”…

Sardana in Begur

I was hungry and weak again and decided to visit one of my favorite little restaurants of Begur and to taste their avant-garde delicacies …

Can Climent Platillos

I remember I entered in Restaurant Can Climent …

Can Climent Begur

And I remember, very vaguely, tasting some of their superb “platillos” (little dishes) accompanied with a bottle of Empordanian red wine … and some mojitos more …

Can Climent 1

Can Climent 2

Can Climent 3

Can Climent 4

Can Climent 5

Can Climent 6

Can Climent 7

Can Climent 8

Can Climent 9

Now my mind turns black and I barely remember anything more …

The “Sardana” music was resounding within my head …

Sardana music

There were some bonfires around … perhaps they were grilling chestnuts or something like that … I don’t remember …


… and then … the sun rises again … in Illa Roja beach, very close to the village … where I find myself writing this absurd post on my laptop …

Illa Roja beach, Begur

Important note to my little bunch of loyal readers worldwide: The story above is totally FALSE. I took those pictures in different occasions, in different seasons, with wind or without wind.  I drink with moderation. And kids in Begur don’t drink alcohol, they drink lemonades.

The only true facts are the following:

  1. Begur is a very nice little village of the Costa Brava, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain, Europe.
  2. Open-air markets in Begur are delightful.
  3. Can Climent is a very good restaurant of Begur, but it opens only from March 1 to October 31.
  4. The Tramontana wind turns everybody crazy … and it’s blowing now … Ha Ha Ha Ha !

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12 Responses to Fiesta, Can Climent, Begur and the Mediterranean Sea

  1. kerbey says:

    so many cuban references and no cuba. i was coveting your life for a minute, esp the mojitos and the underwear/swimwear blowing in the breeze.

  2. Genius and crazy are sometimes synonymous. Well done, Covetotop!

  3. So now…… do we belive your disclaimer at the bottom or do we believe the story?

  4. augusta says:

    I now have my laptop connect to a 40″ screen. I will have to go look at a bunch of your old posts with my new view…

  5. harri8here says:

    The market scenes are tremendous. But best of all, i lOve the washing lines.
    I’m still famished! Great entry.

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