The coastal path of Empúries (Costa Brava)

This post is about a lazy stroll by the beach.

This post is about a lazy stroll through ancient history.

This post is about Empúries, Costa Brava (Catalonia, Spain)

Kitesurfing is a surface water sport in which practitioners put their lives at risk going from point A to point B on a surfboard, harnessed to a kite propelled by the wind. When they reach point B, they turn back to point A, then they go to point B again, then to point A, to B, to A … successively until they fall exhausted or a strong gust of wind carry them away to another continent and hasta la vista baby.

I took the kitesurfing pic below from the top of a dune (with-ultra-zoom) on the outskirts of the medieval village of Sant Martí d’Empúries:


That long and windy beach that stretches from Sant Martí d’Empúries to the mountains (North) is called Sant Pere Pescador beach. Those mountains are the last peaks of the Pyrenees range. The liquid thing is the Mediterranean Sea.

Ok. That’s enough for the preamble. Let me drink my morning coffee and I’ll show you the awesome coastal path of Empúries …

Hostal Empúries


Our stroll through ancient history begins at the Sant Martí d’Empúries church …

Empúries church

This is a very little village: roughly 60 inhabitants. And it is vey old. It was an inhabited place since the arrival of the foceus Greeks in the 6th century BC (Note: the 60 modern inhabitants of this village are not the same who arrived here in the 6th century BC)

Such an old village is half ruins …


… half restaurants …

Empúries restaurants

Anyway, it’s a very charming village facing the Mediterranean Sea.

dinning al fresco

From this medieval village begins a walk through a most glorious arrangement of pine-trees, Mediterranean plants, flowers, sand dunes, secluded beaches and ancient Greek and Roman ruins.

Let’s go …

easy walk

The promenade is very easy to follow. It is flat, comfortable, flanked by some pine-trees willing to protect you from the Helios’ rage.

Mediterranean dunes

Two brave villagers are taking a Mediterranean bath …

Empúries beach

Walking on sand is healthy …

Mediterranean dunes

In this corner you can swim protected by a 2000 years old wall (ruins of the old Roman harbor)

Roman harbor

Roman wall

In Empúries there is an archaeological site where you can swim in 26 centuries of history too:  The Palaiopolis or “Old Town”, founded by Greek settlers; the Neapolis or “new town” also Greek; the Roman city, founded in 195 BC by the Roman Empire, on the place of a native settlement that was known as Indike … All this history in just one single spot: Empúries.

Ruinas de Ampurias

Greek walls

Greek city ruins

Roman mosaic

If you want more reliable info about the history of Empúries than that offered by Covetotop, visit this link.

If you plan to visit the archaeoligical site, you can visit its official webpage here.

If you want to follow the amazing coastal path of Empúries wearing a pair of “espadrilles” (traditional Catalan shoes), ideally suited to visit ancient ruins, medieval villages and sandy dunes, you can visit this store.

There are no private beaches in Spain. If you feel like taking a refreshing bath, you can do it any time, anywhere along this beautiful Mediterranean shore.

Empúries beach

High season (July-August) attracts lots of tourists to this little paradise. Hence, some signs are designed to be easy to understand by aliens from any planet …


Empúries is very special. I mean … this beach has its earthly share of sand and sea, of course. Like so many other beaches of the world, it enjoys the visit of the naked sun most of the days. Other days, just a few, the sun comes to Empúries dressed with black and white clouds …

Empúries shoreline

But Empúries is not an ordinary beach … There is so much history here …

Our promenade ends (or starts) at the fishing village of L’Escala. This walk can take half an hour or half a life, depending on your physical condition and on your capacity to stand in awe in front of nature and ancient ruins.

Coastal path Empúries



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13 Responses to The coastal path of Empúries (Costa Brava)

  1. oliviaobryon says:

    If only flying to Spain in summer were less expensive…

  2. As always, such a pleasure to join you on your beautifully-photographed and cleverly-narrated wanderings!

  3. A bit of Rome by the breezy Med coast. Romans really did enjoy being in the prettiest of places…

    Excellent post, Covetotop. The sign photo is so strong: why not use it as a punchline image, at the end of the essay? Just a improv headshot here, bud.

    Thanks for making this available to all, keep up the reporting!

    • Covetotop says:

      A bit of Rome? The whole Spain was part of Rome for a lot of centuries … Thanks for your kind comment about my post, Alessandro. Usually I write the text in first place, and then I add the appropriate (?) pics. I put so much effort in the grammatical issues than the rest of items in my posts tend to be out-of-focus … 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    That was a very lovely, lazy stroll. Just what I needed on this rather hectic day. The beautiful pics are quite refreshing.

  5. Trish says:

    Fantastic post. Your writing is fun to read! I might even get to these ruins in the next few weeks.

  6. Wonderful post, I would love to go there one day, and have plenty of time to explore it!

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