The Fageda d’en Jordà (La Garrotxa)

Hayedo Girona

A quiet walk in early autumn. One thought: “I’m afraid I’m not blogging as often as I should”. The walk goes on. Some forests are very inspiring, specially this one, called “Fageda d’en Jordà”

Fageda 2

A myriad of clever thoughts emanate from my superlative talent as I walk: Nice weather … These new trekking shoes are killing my feet … I’m hungry … We are in autumn because time flies … Ommmmmmmm …

Fageda 3

The leaves are still green. Soon they will turn brown and then they will fall. All living creatures grow and fall, but not all of them turn brown as they grow. I am brown now because I am suntanned. In a few weeks I will be pale again, therefore I am not a leaf.

Fageda 4

Cogito ergo sum.

Fageda 6

This beech forest (the Catalan word “fageda” comes from the Latin “fagus”, of the family “fagoceae”, the beech family) is so inspiring that I even dare to write a poem … in English!

Maragall walk

Here it goes:

Oh beautiful forest

thou are full of trees

wich the wanderer sees

with the utmost interest

and astounded

he blends his knees.

I follow my way

through this wonder-realm

but I don’t know what more to say

in this damned poem

hence at this very point

I quit

and throw it away

because it’s a shit.

cheek forest Spain

I’d rather go on in prose.

Fageda 8

This is a rock:

volcanic rock

It is a volcanic rock. In fact, this forest is located in the middle of La Garrotxa’s Volcanic Zone (province of Girona), which is the best example of volcanic terrain on the Iberian Peninsula: it has 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows (all this mess is totally extinct).

Volcanic Garrotxa

More volcanic terrain:

Rocks in La Fageda

Fageda 12

The Mediterranean sun provides a pretty continuous band of wavelengths in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. That means exuberant vegetation and unforgettable walks.

Mediterranean sun

More electromagnetic spectrum :

Fageda 14

Fageda 15

Fageda 16

The Mediterranean sun provides great poets too -apart from me-. One of them, named Joan Maragall, wrote a delightful poem about the “Fageda d’en Jordá”. It is written in Catalan (“Saps on és la Fageda d’en Jordà? Si vas pels vols d’Olot, amunt del pla, trobaràs un indret verd i profond …”), but I don’t dare to spoil it here with my weak Catalan-to-English poetic translation powers. There is a Joan Maragall memorial monument in the forest …

Maragall memorial

Joan Maragall in La Fageda

This beech forest also inspires wonderful and very successful humanitarian projects. Lost in the forest there is a farm, which produces some of the most delicious yogurts (from milk of their happy cows) I have ever tasted. It is a nonprofit organization. The purpose of this farm/trademark (“La Fageda”) is to employ people from the region of La Garrotxa (Girona) who suffer intellectual disabilities or severe mental disorders. Their products are sold in lots of shops and supermarkets in Catalonia. I am myself an eager consumer of La Fageda’s yogurts …

Yogurt La Fageda

My early autumn walk goes on. “I’m afraid I’m not blogging as often as I should”.  Soon I’ll publish here another post about the Garrotxa’s Volcanic Zone that surrounds this wonderful forest. And take my word for granted: there will be no more Covetotop’s poems.

cheek forest


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13 Responses to The Fageda d’en Jordà (La Garrotxa)

  1. You make poetry with your walks and with your camera, Covetotop… Keep it coming!

  2. Sarah says:

    I liked the poem until the end when you started dissing it! Nope, you’re not blogging enough…but then, who am I to talk? Everyone needs a break sometime. 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      Dissing? No! The last section of my poem is just ultra-modern-experimental art 😉

      Yes, I have been out of the blogosphere for a long time. Breaks are ok, but catching up with some yum yum yum recipes of a lovely blog I know is a feast! (authentic modern art this time)

  3. Covetotop, your poem got you down on your knees and then you gave up! But you made me laugh, thanks.

  4. harri8here says:

    Your photographs are poem enough. I love that you love trees.
    Walking through the ancient forests on the camino brought fairy tales alive.

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  7. ben81936 says:

    Lovely photos, and brilliant musings! Covetotop I fear I cannot attain the heights of your delightful irreverence! But if you’d like to peruse my translation of Joan Maragall’s ‘La Fageda..’ I’d love to know your thoughts (i.e. that I’ve not desecrated a masterpiece too much!)

    • Covetotop says:

      Undoubtedly you “have kept the soul – the Catalanitat – of the original poem … “ Your translation is superb, far beyond my skills. And your blog is really an interesting entrance door to Catalan poetry for English-speaking readers. Molt ben fet i moltes gràcies per fer-ho!

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