Blurred pics and best wishes

I just wanted to write a nice post for my little bunch of friendly readers and to say a big “best wishes for 2014” …

I just wanted to take some fairytale Christmas pictures for my “best wishes” post …

I just thought that nothing beats Austria whenever you want to take fairytale Christmas pictures …

So, this brave Mediterranean guy took his camera and went to the chilly North-East, to the musical city of Vienna, in search of the perfect “best wishes” shot …

Winter in Vienna

But something went wrong …

Vienna at night

If I had only foreseen this unpleasantness!

Vienna townhouse

“My camera is ok, but all my pictures appear blurred. What’s the problem?” -I thought.

Music in Vienna

My scientific mind started to produce intelligent thoughts and daring deductions in order to find out the innermost cause of this blur:

Is my camera affected by an ultra-powerful magnetic field created by any sort of secret weapon? Is there any earthquake happening? Is there any gamma-rays burst arriving to the Earth from a distant galaxy?

No. No. No.

Vienna walk

After a brief (3 or 4 hours) brainstorming walk through the streets of Vienna, my brilliant intellect solved the problem: “It is winter, it is cold, I am not used to extremely low temperatures (see Covetotop’s “A risky Mediterranean experiment in Cabo de Gata”), ergo I am trembling, and consequently my pics are blurred”


Winter view Vienna

How could I take razor-sharp pictures under these conditions?

The third law of thermodynamics came to my help: the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches zero. In other words, I realized that if I stayed still for a while, under freezing conditions, my hands would stop trembling.

I did so.

My hands turned blue and stop trembling.

And I got my razor-sharp “best wishes” picture for my little bunch of friendly readers:

Best wishes for 2014

The only problem is that now I cannot walk, I am chilled to the bones, there is an icicle on my nose and … I can … barely … hit … the … “publish” button …




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20 Responses to Blurred pics and best wishes

  1. Sue Sharpe says:

    Hip-flask – Brandy – fingerless gloves
    Hope you thaw out soon and have a wonderful 2014 xx

  2. Aggie says:

    Feliz Año Nuevo, Covetotop!

  3. harri8here says:

    And a huge Feliz ano nuevo, to you C2T … I hope the warmth of these words causes a thaw in your frozen self (but that any passing insect escapes the thud of the falling icicle).
    I realise that C2T epitomises elegance – and that the following suggestion may compromise his sense of style – but may I recommend that C2T invests in a Dickensian pair of fingerless gloves? I find that they assist, a bit, in such blue-white-fingered situations.

    Have a wonderful 2014 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      A huge Feliz Año Nuevo para tí! Your wonderful comments always cause a thaw, a melt, a dematerialization and an evaporation in my frozen self. Sadly, under this gaseous state (I am now a cloud that epitomises elegance), I cannot try the Dickensian fingerless gloves you mention; I’ll do it as soon as I recover my inelegant solid form 😉

      Have a magnífico 2014, HR8! 🙂

  4. Feliz ano nuevo Covetotop!

  5. Sarah says:

    You’re a truly phenomenal blogger to go through all that for your readers, Covetotop! It is appreciated, I assure you. 😀 Hope you have a fabulous 2014!

    • Covetotop says:

      You are too kind, but … Yes: I visit phanthom palaces in search of mysterious recipes, I frozen myself trying to take Christmas pictures, I undertake all sorts of daunting situations … Why? Because I have phenomenal readers/friends like you 🙂

      Happy 2014, Sarah!

  6. Linda Duffin says:

    Happy New Year! I hope you’re back in warmer climes. Have a happy, healthy and wealthy 2014.

  7. a ferreira says:

    The lovely freezing Vienna! I was there in Spring (late April!) and don’t remember ever feeling so cold!
    Best wishes to you too, Covetotop!

    • Covetotop says:

      Vienna is an awesome, charming, wonderful place … but nothing beats our crazy Iberian peninsula when the sun is shinning!

      Happy and Artistic New Year, Ana!

  8. Christina says:

    Very nice! 🙂 Thanks for your tireless dedication as usual. I agree, Vienna is gorgeous in April, you’ll have to go back when it is warmer!

    Happy New Year to you as well! I hope your year is filled with new adventures, talking church statues and tourist-free beaches!!

  9. All the best to you, as well, Covetotop! This one had me laughing out loud… 🙂

  10. Personally, I like the shaky, blurred pictures. Happy 2014 Covetotop!

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