Restaurant Can Jepet (Setcases, Girona)

Restaurant Can Jepet

It is not too often that this blog devotes a specific post to one single restaurant. Whenever I talk about local food or restaurants it is usually within the context of a broader subject (ie: archeological sites, sunny beaches, medieval villages, nonsensical musings …)

As a matter of fact, all the top food critics of the world agree that the highest honor that any restaurant can achieve in this planet is being featured on Covetotop’s blog, in a specific post.

I take this enormous responsibility very seriously, and whenever I find what I deem an extraordinary restaurant, I visit it again and again just to be absolutely sure that it is really extraordinary. As you can imagine, this is an exhausting task.

Moreover, it is such an exhausting task that in the next future, most probably, there will be no other post dedicated exclusively to one single restaurant, as with Restaurant Can Jepet I close my personal list of the-very-best-restaurants-of-the-world (I’ll publish it one of these days).

That being said, where is Setcases? The tiny village of Setcases is located high in the mountains, very close to the charming village of Camprodón (see Covetotop’s “Isaac Albéniz and the village of Camprodón”) in the Pyrenees range, province of Girona. It is barely 2 hours away from the Mediterranean coast  (Costa Brava) by car and 3 hours away from the French border on foot.

Turn left if you are going to France, turn right if you are going to Setcases …

Setcases paths

This is the wonderful path that connects Setcases with Southern France (a 3 hours walk through the mountains):

hiking Pyrenees

Setcases 2

Setcases 3

And this is Restaurant Can Jepet, in Setcases:

Can Jepet Sescases

During 50 years, Can Jepet has been owned and run by the same family (third generation now). It is specialized in Catalan-Pyrenean cuisine, and serves very local food, which means Pyrenees mountains’ products, neighboring farms’ products, and neighboring everything. The restaurant is superb, not expensive at all, and -no doubt- it deserves a specific post of the universally acclaimed Covetotop’s blog.

As always, the author of the universally acclaimed Covetotop’s blog finds very complicated to describe gastronomic marvels in English, hence I’ll let the pics explain themselves.

Can Jepet window

Melon gazpacho

catalan food

menu del día

veggies cake at Can Jepet

cargols a la catalana

Can Jepet 8

milhojas de foie

vedella de Girona

Can Jepet 10

dessert chocolate

Can Jepet 13

requeson and honey

Can Jepet petit fours

I took the pics above in different days, in different seasons, in different years, and I have found always the same quality and sympathy.

Can Jepet’s web page is:

Tel: (34) 972 13 61 04

For those who love the absurd and risky business of going uphill and downhill in snow (the so-called “winter sports”), there’s a sky resort just ten minutes away from Setcases by car (

I don’t like skiing. I prefer hiking under warmer conditions and having lunch at Can Jepet.

In the village of Setcases, just behind of Restaurant Can Jepet, there is a little shop run by a very sympathetic lady called Núria. The shop’s name is “Ca la Núria”.

Ca la Nuri SetcasesSetcases NuriCa la Nuri 3

Outstanding honey from the mountains and all kinds of local food are on sale here, and the place is worth a visit. If you are still hungry after eating at Can Jepet, you can either visit your doctor (nobody is hungry after eating at Can Jepet) or buy some local delicacies at Ca la Núria.

From the distance, I can see that the Pyrenees Mountains are snow-covered these days.

Pyrenees view from the coast

As soon as the snow melts and Goddess Spring’s green mantle covers the mountains again, I’ll be back hiking in Setcases and having pantagruellian lunches at Can Jepet.

Meanwhile, I’ll wait patiently sat on my rock …

Winter in the Costa Brava

(A note to the Via Lucis’ crew: this is the “Can Jepet” I suggested …) 😉


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19 Responses to Restaurant Can Jepet (Setcases, Girona)

  1. Covetotop, how you tempt the Via Lucis crew. Shall we move the center of gravity of our visit to Girona to the west, near Campradon from Cadaqués? You sent us in that direction with another of your posts!!! What are we to do?

    • Covetotop says:

      Oh my! I’m sorry Dennis. I didn’t pretend to move the center of gravity of such a giant (from the photographic/artistic point of view) institution as Via Lucis. If your main target is Sant Pere de Rodes (and Vilabertran, Sant Domenec etc), Cadaqués is perfectly Ok. Camprodón is relatively far away from those locations. On the other hand, everything is beautiful in Girona and, consequently, wherever you set your headquarters, you’ll always find interesting places around to visit. It all depends on your preferences: sea views or mountain views. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    This place looks like a Foodie’s paradise! By the pictures and description, it definitely deserves it’s own post on your blog. 🙂 Thanks far sharing with us.

    • Covetotop says:

      Yes it is! From time to time I mention restaurants in my posts, but I only dedicate a complete post to a single restaurant when I am happy from starters up to the moment when I pay the bill. 🙂 That is really difficult in these times.

      Thank you for commenting, Super Chef! 😉

  3. harri8here says:

    Señor C2T,
    Where may I send my bill? I have had to take my laptop and its saliva sodden keyboard to be repaired. They think the computer needs to be replaced.
    Yes, your photographs are scented with the aromas of Can Jepet: they ooze flavour, texture and juices. So incredibly tantalising.
    Oh how I want to do that walk, what a dream (I shall be heading off to Setcases tonight). Ca la Núria looks a gem too..
    I love your closing sentences, C2T – and the way they melt into the horizon of the ocean.

    But getting back to the state of my computer, I look forward to hearing from you ;).

    Thanks too for the links.

    • Covetotop says:

      Lady HR8,

      Please accept my sincere apology for the terrible damages that my humble post caused to your computer. You can be sure that I will be more careful in the future. But in my defense I must point out that it was not totally my fault. I did not cook the dishes featured on that post. On the other hand, those modern digital cameras that make everything by themselves share a big deal of guilt. I just pointed and shot. The images were automatically processed within my camera’s stomach and I had nothing to do with that. And … What about the light? I used the harsh white light of mid-day when it was streaming through the windows for those damned food shots. Who is responsible for that? Me or the Sun? I am not trying to elude my responsibility, but please reconsider the abovementioned unquestionable facts before sending your invoice to my isolated rock.

      Your comments shine, Lady HR8. Thanks 🙂

      • harri8here says:

        I am afraid, Señor C2T that you communicated the light and the deliciousnesses and so I have had no choice but to post the invoice into the beak of my messenger gull. You might be lucky, for he is a greedy bird and could easily drop the bill as he swoops down for a fishy snack. Hmm, I have a copy of the invoice, so i’ll pop it in a bottle and throw it in to the Thames. It should reach you, right?

      • Covetotop says:

        I’ll stare at the sea and sky day and night … 🙂

  4. a ferreira says:

    It surely looks like a lovely ‘everything’!
    The splendour of the (green, not white) scenery, a pleasant walk, a beautiful village and tasty (local) food… 🙂 A great combination for a delightful post!

  5. Linda Duffin says:

    Ohhhh, I want to get on a plane straight away …

    • Covetotop says:

      Just do it! 😉

      Just in case you do it, Camprodón and Setcases make a delightful one-day trip from the Costa Brava. The road to Camprodón (via Girona-Olot-Camprodón) is really beautiful and very easy to drive (thanks to the relatively new road and tunnels). If you ever get bored of the sun and the wonderful coves of the Costa Brava (which is difficult), one day in the Pyrenees is a pleasant choice.

      • Linda Duffin says:

        We’ll be there in a few months’ time – it would be lovely to make a side trip, if I can persuade my husband to take a day off from the DIY …

  6. I remember you mentioned Can Jepet in a previous post. If only I was hanging around with Via Lucis when they come south to visit–I guess I will have to find it on my own. Their food looks exquisite but your skill as a photographer deserves credit as well 🙂

  7. Eri Berry says:

    Your post is making me feel hungry. Too bad, Spain is on the other side of the world!

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