Winter in Barcelona

Winter season.


It is really hard to write anything under the freezing conditions of Barcelona’s winter.

This post is going to be extremely brief.

My finger was so cold I could barely take these photos:

old harbor Barcelona

Barcelona plaza

Gaudi in Barcelona

Gaudi La Pedrera

Medieval Barcelona

Gothic palm

Colón en Barcelona


Barcelona beach 1

Mediterranean towers

Modern Barcelona

Catalan tapas

Sailing Barcelona

Olympic port Barcelona

Modern Barcelona

Barcelona yachts harbor

Old ship Barcelona

Mediterranean promenade

Winter in Barcelona

Al fresco lunch

Old harbor Barcelona

Surfing Barcelona 1

Surfing Barcelona 2

By the beach of Barcelona

(Aquest solejat post està dedicat als meus amics Greta, Aurora, Pep, Marta, Joan i el Propietari)


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18 Responses to Winter in Barcelona

  1. a ferreira says:

    Barcelona is one of those cities I’m really sorry of never having been to. Because of Gaudí, certainly, but also because I believe / imagine a very special atmosphere in its whole – thank you for the wonderful glimpses! 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for your comment, Ana. Barcelona has a special atmosphere most of the times, but when two or three of those gigantic cruises moor at the harbor at the same time, the special atmosphere becomes less special … But Gaudí is always great 🙂

  2. Trish says:

    Well, at least the water’s cold. Better wear a wetsuit if you want to ride your surfboard…

    • Covetotop says:

      The Med is really cold in winter. I don’t dare to put a foot in water at least until mid-May … and always with neoprene socks on … (well, perhaps I am exaggerating a little 🙂 )

  3. harri8here says:

    What kind of torture is this?!
    My usual empathetic disposition has been gobbled up by a Catalan seagull: my heart is as warm as London’s chilly, grey-today sky, and your frozen shutter-clicking finger fails to move me.
    P.s Muchas gracias for cheering me up with these gaudilicious postcards.

    • Covetotop says:

      Oh my! I didn’t pretend to do that! Please, Hr8, take into account that I only take pics when the sun shines and everything looks nice. When it rains, when the streets are crowded, when the garbage invades everything, when the noise and the ugliness seem to contaminate any place, I run away, I stay at home, I don’t blog …

      I hope to repair this torture. Sorry, my dear and empathetic Hr8 😦

      • harri8here says:

        I was only teasing, lovely C2T, just pulling your leg as we say : ). (Do you have the same expression in Español/ Catalan)? I love Barcelona, so your post was a joy to see.
        I know only too well what you mean about the contamination noise and ugliness (in its various guises) – it has the same affect on me.

      • Covetotop says:

        Ufff! Gosh! (“tomar el pelo” –Spanish- “prendre la mida” –Catalan-). I feel better now 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Aggie says:

    You funny bunny! Tormenting your North American followers, who are still experiencing the most frigid winter in decades… We will plot our revenge, lamely.

    • Covetotop says:

      Oh oh! I am realizing that this post was not very polite, taking into account global weather conditions … My North American followers are very kind and friendly, and I didn’t pretend tormenting them. Anyway, America is big and wonderful. I guess that Florida, California, Hawaii have nothing to envy to the humble beach of Barcelona … I hope your revenge is sweet! 🙂

  5. Oh no, it looks terribly cold. I think I’ll go somewhere warm, like Norway, until things warm up in Barcelona.

    • Covetotop says:

      Good idea! But, to be sincere, the situation is not so terrible as described in my post: I haven’t seen any iceberg at the beach … yet 🙂

  6. Covetotop, you rascal. We had another snowstorm two days ago on Cape Cod. I’m with Aggie, plotting my revenge!

    • Covetotop says:

      This is getting really serious! From now on, I’ll take pictures on cloudy days … exclusively …

      • Covetotop, my friend. It’s not the pictures, it’s not the beauty of a Catalonia winter. It is the ruthless way that you rub salt in our frigid wounds here. Maybe my revenge will be to force you to drink a porrón of wine with us when we meet! I know it will be a hardship for you.

      • Covetotop says:

        A porrón of wine! That is not a hardship! That is a fiesta! 🙂

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