S’Agaró and its coastal path (Costa Brava)

Traveling trough the Milky Way Galaxy is quite an interesting experience. You can visit other planets and other moons. But, to be sincere, space travel has some disadvantages too. Normally, you don’t meet interesting people out there, because most of those dusty places are uninhabited. And if you are lucky enough to land your spacecraft on an inhabited planet, don’t have great expectations. Most probably nobody will share your interests, and conversations tend to be short and insubstantial.

Another problem that you may encounter in the cosmos (apart from the lack of oxygen, good food and good wine) is that there is neither cell phone coverage nor Internet access. Consequently, you can neither update your blog regularly nor read your digital friends’ newest entries (I’ll catch up asap).

So, the time has come for me to return to our lovely and civilized blue planet.

Mediterranean columnsThe stellar disk of the Milky Way Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and it contains one trillion stars and a minimum of 100 billion planets. Finding the province of Girona in that stellar soup is a little tricky, but I am a skilled sailor.

Let’s go.

Sant Pol beach

No, my dear reader, I am not that sailor. I post the pic above (and the pic below) just to show you the crystal clear waters of S’Agaró and its Sant Pol beach (Baix Empordà county, province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Earth planet) …

S'AgaroIt is a very nice beach …

S'Agaró beachThere are some wonderful hotels in S’Agaró, like this one, named Hostal de La Gavina

Hostal de la GavinaNotwithstanding the name “hostal” (hostel), this is a 5 stars GL hotel, built in 1938. But, as you can guess, I am a little tired of stars. I’d rather take a walk along the beautiful coastal path of S’Agaró …

camí de ronda de S'AgaróThe S’Agaró coastal path connects the very civilized Sant Pol beach with the very wild Sa Conca beach. This path is a great place to stretch one’s legs after any interstellar travel.

S'Agaró trekkingYou have the Mediterranean Sea at one side of the path…

Costa Brava water… and some typical Mediterranean villas (white façades, towers, porticos, terraces, low roof lines) at the other side of the path …

S'Agaró housesImaginative Catalan architects and entrepreneurs built the S’Agaró resort in the 1920’s.

S'Agaró cornerNo ultra-modern architecture here …

Casa S'AgaróSome terrestrial living creatures love running on this healthy and oxygenated path …

Costa Brava runningTerrestrial families prefer tranquil strolls …

Stroll at S'AgaróTerrestrial plants tend to remain still and quiet most of the time, except when the Tramuntana wind blows …

S'Agaró gardensWhen the Tramuntana wind blows, tall ships drop their sails …

Tramuntana Costa BravaWhen the Tramuntana wind blows, open-air conferences are suspended …

Conference in S'AgaróThe great Josep Pla, one of the best writers of the known universe and one of the lesser-known best writers of the known universe (I am not sure if this phrase is grammatically correct in English, but metaphysically it is very accurate) liked this coastal path very much, and wrote some articles about it, like this old one (note: Josep in Catalan = José in Spanish)…

Josep Pla on S'AgaróThe coastal path of S’Agaró ends at the wild Sa Conca beach …

Sa Conca beachAt the other side of the wild Sa Conca beach there is a nothing wild yacht port called Port d’Aro  …

Port d'AroI am not interested in that mundane stuff.

I am interested in galaxies and interstellar spacecrafts …

Interstellar spacecraftI am interested in grilled sardines too …

Grilled sardines TritónDefinitively, there is no better place in the entire Milky Way Galaxy than our little blue planet.

S'Agaró Costa Brava



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16 Responses to S’Agaró and its coastal path (Costa Brava)

  1. Those stunning blue skies and azure waters of incomparable clarity were a wake-up gift from you on an overcast California morning. Enjoyed them greatly with my morning espresso. Thanks!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ah, well worth the wait! Your photos are so refreshing!

  3. Christina says:

    Welcome back Covetotop!! I hope you enjoyed your interstellar travels. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of S’Agaró. I especially like the one of the terrestrial family strolling; it looks like a lovely walk along the water.

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you, Christina. I enjoyed my interstellar travels very much, but
      alien museums are not as interesting as the terrestrial ones. Too much Dadaism … 😉

  4. Trish says:

    What I wouldn’t give to walk on that coastal path right now! How could anyone be unhappy there? Your photos make it all so inviting.

    • Covetotop says:

      Marcel Proust wrote that happiness serves hardly any other purpose than to make unhappiness possible. In other words, one must walk very carefully along this windy coastal path … 😉

  5. a ferreira says:

    Splendid! Just looking at the first image and I already feel like diving! 🙂
    It’s good to see you’re back, Covetotop, with your wonderful posts, tempting walks and delighting Catalonian sights!

    Galaxy travelling? 😉 I’m sure it’s very interesting, but the jet lag must be terrible… And you’re right – as ‘capitaine Haddock’ also says, “On n’est vraiment bien que sur notre bonne vieille Terre!”

    Something extra, now: I was trying to locate a specific previous post of yours, but couldn’t find it – would you like to add a ‘search’ button to your sidebar? It could be helpful…

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you Ana! Notwithstanding my superb capabilities regarding high-tech intergalactic crafts and navigation, it took me two hours to figure out how to add the searching button to my blog. The mission is completed now. 🙂

      • a ferreira says:

        Oh, sorry for the trouble, Covetotop, though I suspect you are exaggerating… I hope other visitors will also use it and increase your page views: you’ll be rewarded for having accomplished such a hard mission! 😉

      • Covetotop says:

        Don’t worry Ana, it was certainly a hard mission, but it was my duty. There is some order in the galaxy now … 😉

  6. welcome back Covetotop, I didn’t realise you had been away so long (nor so far away! 🙂 But delighted to see you again, as always the writing is a pleasure and the pictures are a treat.
    Like some of your other readers commenting above, i too want to jump in that clear blue Mediterranean water! I enjoyed the cosmic/stellar thread through the piece as well. And you’re quite right: nothing beats our beautiful Planet Earth.
    PS: I also had a look at your Barcelona in winter post. As you might recall from a previous chat, i lived in that beautiful city for 3 years, many, many moons ago, but have never been back since. Your lovely pictures, full of such familiar places, gave me a severe case of nostalgia!
    Thank you, as always

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you very much, Arran! Planet Earth is a great place to come back from time to time. It has kind and congenial inhabitants, like you.

  7. harri8here says:

    Hola C2T,
    Lo Siento (x1000) for my late comment. As I’m sure you noticed, there are no trusty seagulls in the Milky Way and so I’ve resorted to using AlienPost (did you see their little green vans whizzing around… faster than Alfonso?).
    Thank you for this enticing introduction to S’Agaró, a piece of paradise indeed. I have just ordered Josep Pla’s The Gray Notebook … hope the translation is good. Muchas gracias for this introduction too.
    Soothing, sublime vistas. Perfect viewing for my challenged little brain … just started my dissertation.
    So sorry again.
    And muchas thank you again. 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      Don’t lo sientas! Your comments are always wonderful surprises, whenever they come!
      I am afraid that there are neither trusty nor untrustworthy seagulls in the Milky Way … AlienPost is indefectibly untrustworthy.
      I am aware that there is a very recent translation (English) of “The Gray Notebook”, but I have no idea if that translation has been able to “translate” all the sensitivity and irony of Mr. Pla’s original version. It is a superb book. Josep Pla is one of my favorite writers, as you know, and a source of inspiration for this humble blog. I hope you won´t be disappointed. I´ll feel responsible if you are disappointed. So, please, don´t be disappointed 😉
      Muchas thank you a tí!

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