Restaurant Tritón revisited (Costa Brava)

There are outstanding travel guides out there. It is amazing how they test, classify and rate almost every restaurant of this planet.

In order to get those results, and in order to keep them updated, those big companies send a huge team of professionals (professional eaters) all over the world for having lunch at each restaurant at least once per year.


But Covetotop’s blog is much more amazing than that.

Yes it is.

Covetotop’s team of professional eaters is basically composed by Covetotop alone. This fact limits in some way Covetotop’s capacity to cover each and every restaurant in the world, but let’s speak frankly: nobody can cover the whole world.

Consequently, this blog reviews very few restaurants. The good news is that Covetotop’s reviews are always very deep, personal and accurate.

Take for example Covetotop’s coverage of Restaurant Tritón. I blogged about said restaurant two years ago, in this link: Restaurant Tritón (Torroella to Palafrugell road, Baix Empordà)

Any big travel guide would have been sending their professional eaters to this restaurant once or twice a year, in order to update their ratings. But one or two simple visits per year don’t produce trustworthy ratings. Moreover, some mainstream tourist guides simply ignore the existence of this superb restaurant.

Let me show you how really trustworthy reviews are made …

Platja Roja Begur

First rule: Inspect the restaurant’s surroundings. The environment has a strong influence on any restaurant.

Restaurant Tritón is located in the wonderful Empordà (Costa Brava). That means Mediterranean Sea (pic above: Roja Beach, Begur, Baix Empordà) and a fructiferous countryside (pic below: Empordanian countryside). In other words, a cornucopia of the freshest, top quality food, and lots of variety.

Emporda fields

Second rule: Read books about local chefs, written by outstanding local writers.

Josep Pla chefs

Third rule: Don’t judge your targeted restaurant by just one or two visits. Local chefs’ creativity is strongly affected each day by a myriad of factors, specially in this little corner of the world. For instance, when the Northern wind (Tramuntana) blows, they tend to create weird things, like “molecular cuisine” or the so-called “desconstructivism” (ie: Mr. Ferran Adrià, chef of the famous El Bulli )

Restaurant Tritón serves traditional, ultra-local cuisine, but surprising bursts of creativity are not scarce. Their daily menu changes every day, every season. It is still priced at just 15.-Euros (20.-US Dollars), and it includes a first course, a second course, bread, local wine (and/or water), a desert, a coffee and lots of talent.

Consequently, lots of visits are mandatory if you want to publish trustworthy ratings.

Here below you’ll find a brief selection of different dishes very professionally eaten by Covetotop himself in order to rate properly (2014′ rating) Restaurant Tritón and its daily menu.

First courses:

Onion cream

Triton 2

mil fullsTriton 4

Triton 5

Triton 19

Triton 6

Triton 7

Sonsos salad Tritón

Triton 9

Triton exc

Triton 11

Triton 13

Triton 14

Second courses:

Triton 15

Triton 16

Triton 17

Triton 18

Triton 20

Triton 22

Triton 21

Triton 23

Triton 24

Triton 25

Triton 26


Triton 29

arros a la cassola

Example of  desert (crema catalana):

Triton catalan cream

Local wine (D.O. Empordà):

Triton 31

Coffee (un tallat):

catalan coffee

And now ..

Covetotop’s worldwide famous and trustworthy ratings:

Tritón’s chef: A genius

Tritón’s service: Galactic

Tritón’s food: Mythological

Triton 35Note 1: This is not a sponsored blog.

Note 2: During the month of August there is no daily menu at Tritón (but they still serve the freshest fish of this coast “a la carta”). That’s why I publish this post in August. I don’t want to find my table crowded by my trillions and trillions of readers the next time I visit this restaurant.


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22 Responses to Restaurant Tritón revisited (Costa Brava)

  1. Thank you for your selfless act of sacrifice in testing all that delicious food for those of us who can’t make it to the Costa Brava this year!

  2. a ferreira says:

    Now tell me Covetotop, how am I going to have my simple dinner, after looking at all these delicious dishes? Even if I could never have a two-course meal!
    I’m glad I’ve checked my reader today, my computer needs a major updating and I will probably not be able to use it during the next few days… 😦
    Triton (it’s Greek for Posidon, right?) plus the sea plus traditional local cuisine = wonderful post! And I’m sure your ratings are absolutely trustworthy 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      You create wonderful things. I am sure that a “simple dinner” prepared by an artist like you would be more than delicious.

      Triton, messenger of the sea, was son of Poseidon and Anphitrite. In ancient times he was a god. In these hard, apoetical and competitive modern times he had to quit his job as a mythological god, and opened a restaurant … 😉

      Thanks for commenting, Ana!

  3. Trish says:

    I recognise the dessert crema catalana, which I had a few times in Port-Vendres. Better than crème brulée. Beautiful sea photo at the top. Can you see the sea from the Tritón?

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for commenting, Trish. From Triton you can taste the sea, but you cannot see it. It is located barely a pair of miles away from the Mediterranean. As a matter of fact, exterior views from this restaurant are not particulary nice. Crema catalana is delicious. It is served in almost every restaurant of l’Empordà.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ah, I see, you’re trying to get me back for all the food pics I post! 😉 Well, it worked…I think I’m sufficiently hungry now! Professional food reviewers should definitely take lessons from you!

    • Covetotop says:

      In order to post these pics, I just turned my camera on and shot. In order to post your pics, you turned your whole kitchen on, and your talent, and your creativity (and your camera). Hence, your pics are light years more valuable than mine 🙂

      Thank you for your kind comment, Sarah!

  5. harri8here says:

    Dear C2T,
    I understand that you require a fellow gourmand to research and review restaurants that offer the same culinary excellence as Restaurant Tritón. Believe me, I can source a good sauce. All I need is the opportunity to impress you with my tasting skills. Michelin tell me that I have the palate of an angel. Please advise when you require me to attend for interview.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Covetotop says:

      Dear HR8,

      Thank you for your application comment dated 18 August 2014 asking for a position as a gourmand in our prestigious, groundbreaking and universally acclaimed blog. We have reviewed your comment and are quite impressed. Particularly, we are impressed by the phrase “I have the palate of an angel”. Taking into account that our Professional Eater has the palate of a hungry dog, including an angel in our staff could be a great idea. Moreover, this is a vacant position right now, as our last fellow gourmand was recently eaten alive by our Professional Eater. Our Human Resources Department will study your file asap.

      Yours sincerely,

      President, CEO, Editor, HR Director, Medieval Bridges Crosser and Professional Eater of Covetotop’s Blog

      • harri8here says:

        Dear Mr President, (Please forgive my previous informality),

        I look forward to hearing from your HR department. Fabulous news that your erstwhile gourmand now resides in the whale belly of your Professional Eater. My halo will prove far too indigestible – even for his digestive juices – so I should be able to execute my duties for a lot longer than my predecessor.

        Your humble servant,


      • Covetotop says:

        Hi HR8! This is the Professional Eater. The President forwarded your comment to the HR Department, and the HR Department forwarded it to me. That is great! I have never had an halo. I am looking forward to having one. It would make the perfect reading lamp. And I am sure that your wings are delicious (grilled with a pinch of salt) Yuuummmmmm!!!

  6. This was torture to look at, but only in the best way!!

  7. Oooops; went done did it again… read your post an hour before lunch. And now i know i’ll be hating whatever it is that comes my way. 🙂
    Now i know: as an unprofessional reader i should never peruse the work of a professional eater on an empty stomach…

  8. I too would apply for a position as an easter with Covetotop, but even in my own language would never be able to use the word “fructiferous”. I therefore sadly withdraw my application.

    • Covetotop says:

      Oh! … I am afraid I invented that word. In Spanish we say “fructífero”, wich means “fructiferous”… Sorry! “Fruitful”! Consequently, you must reconsider your withdrawal. It is an unfructiferous decision 🙂

      By the way, as an update, Tritón is still the superb restaurant I recomended on this post. I strongly recommend it today too. As a matter of fact, I had lunch at Tritón yesterday, so you can trust in this update.

      Sadly, some other traditional restaurants haven´t kept their old high standards…

      • No, Covetotop, “fructiferous” is a real word, and you used it properly, it is just that you taught English to a native speaker and I am overwhelmed! As far as Tritón is concerned, it must wait for the next visit, as we are now home in Ohio and getting ready to go to the Amish Farmers’ produce auction!

      • Covetotop says:

        Good joke, Via Lucis’ author! Me teaching English to you! Ha Ha! 😄

        As far as food is concerned, no doubt you had an stupendous meal. Fresh veggies and fruits, bought directly from the farmers, in Ohio or in Empordà, have nothing to do with supermarket stuff. Healthy and yum-yum!

      • BTW, one of the things that we found on this trip is that almost no restaurant serves the cheese tray at the end of the meal, nor the salads after the main course. When we asked the reason, we were told that “most young French don’t know how to eat French food anymore.” That was a shock to the system. We saw a lot more hamburgers on menus, that is for sure.

      • Covetotop says:

        That’s another evidence of the decline and fall of the Western culture. Cheese trays and Beethoven are being substituted by junk food and junk music. Don’t let Via Lucis change too, please! 😉

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