The wonderful multiverse of Aiguablava (Costa Brava)

Two years ago I blogged about a charming corner of the Mediterranean Sea called Aiguablava, and entitled that thing “Aiguablava: Mediterranean anti-matter”.

I don’t usually review my old posts, but the other day I stumbled upon that one, I read its title and felt a little ashamed. What the hell was I thinking about? “Anti-matter”? Ridiculous.

So I decided to visit Aiguablava again and to produce a brand new post about it, taking into account the most recent developments both in cosmology and in quantum mechanics. As you can see above, I have entitled it: The wonderful multiverse of Aiguablava …

Aiguablava path

Multiverse: a theoretical reality that includes a possibly infinite number of parallel universes.

Aigua Xellida path

In order to visit a parallel universe, the first thing you need is a good pair of shoes. Wearing adequate clothes is advisable too, because one never knows. I would add a hat, a swimsuit and a pair of reliable trekking poles, although all these things are merely optional.

Leki poles

The second thing you need in order to visit a parallel universe is a black hole. Some cosmologists affirm that if you jump into a black hole, you would be sucked down a tunnel (called “Einstein-Rosen bridge”) and shot out a white hole in the parallel universe. But take my word for granted: this way of travelling is too complicated and your safety is not 100 % guaranteed. You’d better follow my blog.

Multiverse 4

In third place, in order to visit a parallel universe you need to take into account the space-time equations. This is a little complex to explain here, but I’ll try to do my best:

Most of the people have no idea about the multiverse theory and, consequently, (1) they don’t seek parallel universes (2) they spend their lives in the only universe they know (3) the known universe is crowded and noisy.

The abovementioned thesis, when applied to Aiguablava, can be solved by the space-time equations as follows:

SPACE (Aiguablava) + TIME (High season) = Crowded

SPACE (Aiguablava) + TIME (Low season) = Paradise

On the contrary, the parallel universes featured on this post are ruled by a slightly different equation:

SPACE (Parallel Universe) + TIME (Any season) = Paradise

Mediterranean paradise

As you can guess, highly intelligent and super-advanced forms of life (like myself) seek desperately parallel universes during high season (High season in Mediterranean Europe: Summer).

Here below you can see a happy humanoid (intelligent life form) swimming in a solitary cove of the parallel universe of Aigablava (liquid universe)


I took all the pics you can see in this post in two parallel universes of Aiguablava: its countryside and the coastal area between Aiguablava and the neighboring village of Tamariu (more or less).

Multiverse 6

Finding the black hole and the “Einstein-Rosen bridge” that connect our universe with the wonderful countryside of Aiguablava is certainly tricky (no kidding). It is hidden behind a little mountain, and impossible to find if you don’t know the local astrophysics.

The secret path starts here:


The path crosses an enormous forest that faces the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean forest

There are some signs specially designed for multiversal astronauts:

Indications Tamariu Aiguablava

It is a very nice walk.

Aiguablava's coutryside

You’ll find there all kinds of Mediterranean trees, plants and unforgettable scents …


Multiverse 12


Olive trees Aiguablava

Aiguablava path

Cork oak

Aiguablava trees

Aiguablava figs

Aiguablava forest

If you are a skilled astronaut, perhaps you will be able to get some figs in this forest and to prepare a delicious Mediterranean salad at home …

Figs salad

(I got the Iberic ham above in another universe)

I like the country universe very much, but my favorite parallel universe of Aiguablava is its coastal one:

Multiverse 21

Multiverse 22

Multiverse 24

Multiverse 25a

Multiverse 25

Multiverse 26

Multiverse 28

I am starting to feel some quantum fluctuations. Perhaps it is time for me to return to the known universe …

Multiverse 29

I only have to jump into another black hole and … That is it! Tamariu. It is a very nice village of our well-known universe. I blogged about it some time ago too (Tamariu white and blue)

Tamariu white and blue

My dear digital friend, look for your own parallel universes, wherever you are. They do exist.


Blofffffff!!! (Sorry, this was another quantum fluctuation)

(Ps: I wrote this post after watching on youtube this engaging discussion about the multiverse, from the World Science Festival 2013)



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16 Responses to The wonderful multiverse of Aiguablava (Costa Brava)

  1. jupiterbeings says:

    Looks like a very picturesque multiverse there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. a ferreira says:

    Let me think… 😉
    If I correctly understand this multiverse theory, then my monitor is like a black hole, the internet is a Einstein-Rosen bridge and the happy humanoid’s posts are like white holes!
    So beautiful, Covetotop, thank you for sharing such dreamy universes, in words and images! 🙂 And those figs!

    (For some strange reason, I can’t watch most videos with this stupid operating system I’m using, I got a message of ‘signature=undefined’, I don’t know what that means, anyway I couldn’t watch the video you suggest 😦 …)

    • Covetotop says:

      Your understanding is totally correct, Doctor Ana. But be very careful with that special kind of black holes. I have attempted to travel in space-time through my own monitor quite a few times –especially at work- and the consequences have been always disastrous. 😉

      (Don’t worry about the video I suggested. My post’s text is a brief and clear synopsis of the 1.30h scientific video-debate 🙂 ) Thanks, Ana!

  3. Linda Duffin says:

    How lovely. You make me long to leap head first into the space-time continuum and get zapped straight to Fornells. Beam me up, Covetotop.

  4. Sarah says:

    Now you have me dreaming about black holes that lead to Aiguablava. Such a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. More than a multiverse. I’d call it a polyverse… 😉


  6. Christina says:

    While I don’t quite grasp the physics of this multiverse, I trust your explanation and navigation of these particular barriers. (We all know that while sensitive, Covetotop is an excellent interstellar traveler and champion bridge crosser.)

    Also, I am glad there is a parallel (?) universe from which one can procure Iberic ham. 🙂

    • Covetotop says:

      Don´t worry, Christina! I don’t grasp those physics at all … but it is very cool 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words.
      (Parallel universes are great places to get Iberic ham, but I must admit that the local butcher shop is perhaps more convenient. 😉 )

  7. harri8here says:

    Dear C2T,
    I have just taken out my micro-folding-ladder from my backpack and climbed to the upper parallel bars ( = see, upper and lower, si). Thank you for reminding me of the upper level perspective.

    Paradise indeed. Stunning pictures.

    Some of the wooded shots remind me of El Camino.


    • Covetotop says:

      Hi HR8! You and your charming, refreshing, smart and encouraging comments are back. Great! I was missing you. (Btw, I know you are kidding: you don’t need a micro-folding-ladder to go from one universe to another)

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