Josep Pla: exordium

This post is just a short introduction, preamble, proem, prelude, prolusion, preface to a series of posts on Josep Pla.


Josep Pla …

Pla Palafrugell

I am sure that my little bunch of loyal readers knows Mr. Josep Pla. I have mentioned him here and there, in previous posts…


But I am aware that very often Google, Yahoo and all those bewitched abracadabra tools send to this humble blog quite a few lost individuals. Those poor people were searching the web for something named Game of Thrones, or looking for the latest app for socializing, or trying to play bingo online. Don’t get me wrong: web-searching tools are great, but from time to time they commit unbelievable errors. Game of Thrones? Socializing? Bingo? Here?

I don’t watch TV. I don’t socialize. I don’t play bingo. I read Pla.

Chances are that the casual English-speaking visitor (that sent by the abracadabra tool) of this blog has no idea about who Josep Pla was. Moreover, most probably the casual reader of this blog flew away at the very first paragraph …

Mediterranean seagull

Taking into account those facts, and taking into account that, consequently, only my most loyal digital and mythological friends will read these lines …

Mythological readers

… and taking into account that Josep Pla did not publish a book or a single word in English in his whole life (although his “El Quadern Gris” has been very recently translated into English: “The Grey Notebook”) …

… and taking into account that Josep Pla has never been a “best-seller” author even in his own language …

Play writing tool

… and taking into account that the world is almost culturally dead, and taking into account a myriad of other depressing facts, and more, I take for granted that my series of posts on Josep Pla will hardly interest anybody.

But it doesn’t matter to me …

Catalan Donkey

No, it doesn’t matter at all. I simply want to dedicate a series of posts to one of my absolute favorite writers: Don Josep Pla i Casadevall (Palafrugell, 1897- Llofriu, 1981)

This first post is just an exordium, an introduction, a preamble, a proem, a prelude, a prolusion, a preface … to the life, works, friends and landscapes of a genius.

Sant Sebastiá

Don’t expect order, logic, academic data or brainy papers in my next posts; just admiration and gratitude. Yes, expect admiration and gratitude, but expect them patiently, because this is going to be a very slow journey…



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8 Responses to Josep Pla: exordium

  1. harri8here says:

    C2T, I was wondering where you were. I’m very excited by your Pla news, as I’m just about to start my English translation – it’s been waiting for me on my shelves ever so patiently. HR8 (the most loyal of your bunch)

    • Covetotop says:

      Hello HR8! I am here, wandering lost in the extreme-outer-cyberspace (ie: rural space, Earth). I remember that you got the English “Grey Notebook” some time ago. I hope that you’ll like it very much (although I am always afraid of translations). Pla wrote superbly in Catalan and in Spanish, but I don’t know how this book will work in a non Latin language … In any case, very sensitive and ultra-intelligent people (like the most loyal of my bunch) will enjoy Pla’s talent very much, no matter the translation. I hope to bring some visual support to your reading through my next posts (a glimpse of Palafrugell, l’Empordanet, the coast … is advisable in order to read Don Josep’s Grey Notebook).

      “Davant de la mar, un queda sempre amb un pam de nas. La mar és impintable, indescriptible, inaferrable, incomprensible i d’una indiferència total”. It is difficult to translate accuratelly this sort of things (more or less like “red herrings” 😉 )

  2. aferreira says:

    It’s good to see you blogging, Covetotop, and with an interesting subject as usual! 🙂
    I very much like the very little I know about Josep Pla and his writings, and very much like your posts too, so … looking forward to reading the next chapters! Patiently 😉 of course!

  3. I’ve booked my seat for the voyage…

  4. Vincent Mars says:

    Enjoyed your curiously tantalizing post. Now I want to read Josep Pla. But alas, I don’t know Spanish!

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you for commenting! There is an English version of El Quadern Gris available -a superb work- but certainly nothing beats original versions (any writer, any language)

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