Josep Pla: April 23

Both William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died on the very same date: April 23, 1616. This amazing coincidence prompted UNESCO to declare April 23 the “World Book and Copyright Day”.

Today is April 23.

I have not prepared my second post about Josep Pla yet. By “post” I mean a proper post, full of pictures and information related to Mr. Josep Pla. But today is the “World Book and Copyright Day”, and I feel I have to publish urgently something about such a great writer as Josep Pla …

A little something, at least, like a photo and a pair of simple data. Here they are:

Josep Pla was born on 1897.

To be precise, he was born on March 8, 1897, in this house of Palafrugell:

Josep Pla Foundation
Josep Pla died on 1981.

To be precise, he died on April 23, 1981.


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8 Responses to Josep Pla: April 23

  1. Aggie says:

    Amazing coincidence, that date.

  2. April 23rd is not only the date Shakespeare died, but it was also his birthday… Some birthday present!

  3. We have just found a book by Josep Pla here in Amsterdam, translated into Dutch!
    “Wat wij Aten” – “What we used to eat”…
    And April 23rd is also Saint George’s Day, patron of England and Catalunya! That must be why I feel so at home in Tamariu! ;-))

    Thanks, Covetotop, looking forward to your next post,

    • Covetotop says:

      “El que hem menjat”… A great book of meditations about the Empordà’s cuisine (which is a delicious cuisine). Thank you so much for commenting, Jane. It is certainly surprising that this book was translated into Dutch.

      By the way, Tamariu is one of my favorite corners of this planet 😉

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