Just another plain-vanilla post

This post will be brief. This post will be clear. There will be no intricacies here. No need to unravel hidden meanings or unfathomable philosophies. When a blogger (me) writes in a foreign language, a language that he speaks plus or minus cacophonously in an eerely frightening way (English) he’s forced (me again) to produce short, clear and simple sentences. In other words, plain-vanilla posts, like this one.

On the other hand, when somebody (me) writes in his own language (Spanish), the brain rejoices, the keyboard burns, grammar shines, phrases flow, philosophy grows,  confusion increases, chaos explodes and everything ends up mixed and messed up in an absurd thing called “a novel”.

Because of this novel (written in Spanish) in 2016 I have produced only one post (in English), for Covetotop’s blog.

Most probably my novel won’t be published and, consequently, nobody will read it. But at least I’m sure that my little bunch of loyal English-speaking digital friends will read these lines…

And I want to tell them in loud, short, clear and simple English: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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18 Responses to Just another plain-vanilla post

  1. suesharpe04 says:

    Feliz Navidad – Espero que tu novela sea publicada – Muchos de tus seguidores ingleses también entienden muy bien el español. Sin duda me gustaría leerlo!
    Un gran abrazo y mejores deseos para 2017

    • Covetotop says:

      Muchísimas gracias, Sue. Observo que, además de entender el español, lo escribes perfectamente. Intentaré que me publiquen la novela, pero lo veo difícil. Supongo que terminaré “autopublicándomela” … antes de que acabe este siglo 😉

      ¡Un fuerte abrazo y feliz año nuevo!

  2. Best of luck with your novel! Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Sally Veall says:

    thank you Covetop and in clear and simple Spanish I want to say Feliz Navidad! I miss your blogs, so please can we have some in 2017.

    • Covetotop says:

      … And I want to say in clear and simple English … Thank you very much, Sally! I hope to write much more posts in the coming year. Thanks God (and thanks WordPress) publishing a post is far easier than publishing a novel.

  4. Aquila says:

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year!!!! Self publish your novel. My meager Spanish isn’t up to a novel but if you self publish maybe someone will translate it into English. I’ve missed your posts this year.

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you! Yes, I guess that I’ll end up self publishing it, but before that, I would like to try for a while the depressing and frustrating traditional way … I am aware that finding a publisher for a book written in English is pretty tough. In Spanish it’s impossible. Happy and healthy New Year, Aquila!

  5. Artisan says:

    Merry Christmas, Covetotop, and make sure your book gets published!

  6. harri8here says:

    hhhhHappy Christmas, C2T.
    lovely to hear your pen, or your fingertips on the keyboard.
    Guess what? On 30th November I finished writing my book too … coincidencia. How do you feel?

    • Covetotop says:

      Hi HR8! Coincidencia total! Now I hope that your book will become a best seller really soon, and then, a little later, mine too … Then we’ll have another wonderful coincidencia 😉 hhhhHappy Christmas, Shakespearean HR8! This blog is not a best seller, but it has the very best readers…

  7. Christina says:

    Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad Covetotop! Congratulations on writing your novel! That is no small feat! You should be very proud of your accomplishment. (I haven’t posted since January and I wish I had as good a reason to explain my absence…..)

    I’ve missed your wonderful style and hope to read more posts in 2017! 🙂 I will even try to write as well 😉

    • Covetotop says:

      Thank you so much! I hope to read your enlightening posts in the coming year too. They were a breeze of knowledge and good taste in these mostly unsubstantial times. I wish you a happy and Art-filled 2017, Christina! 😉

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m in the beginning stages of learning Spanish, so I have an inkling of an idea of how difficult it would be to write in a second language. I am so impressed with people, like yourself, who can! Maybe someday I will join the ranks. 🙂 Congrats on your novel. Will it be available online?

    • Covetotop says:

      Yes, I can write in English, and I can do it breaking each and every English Grammar rule just because my readers are extremely kind and forgiving. Otherwise, I would’t dare to to maintain a blog in their language… 🙂 Join the ranks! Aquí ya tienes un lector! 😉 My novel will be available online in a distant, very distant future, I’m afraid. I am just at the early stages of publishing and I have no idea about what a confused blogger is supposed to do at the early stages of publishing…

  9. Linda Duffin says:

    Merry Christmas, happy New Year and good luck with your novel.

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