From the most beautiful Mediterranean cove to the top of the mountains. That’s Covetotop.

English is not Covetotop’s native language; hence you’ll find here terrible grammatical errors and terrific local information.


About the Costa Brava, where Covetotop has his headquarters (Empordà, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)

About the whole Spain.

About those parts of Southern France that are within a comfortable distance from Covetotop’s headquarters (Covetotop drives a little car)

About those parts of the rest of Europe that are so beautiful and interesting that Covetotop can’t help visiting them from time to time (specially Italy)

I disclose here trustworthy information about villages, art, restaurants, local food, local markets, local culture, secluded Mediterranean beaches and enormous mountains.


If you wish to contact Covetotop, you have two options:

1.- Telepathically: close your eyes and think aloud: “I wish to contact the fabulous Covetotop’s author … I wish to contact the fabulous Covetotop’s author … I wish to contact the fabulous Covetotop’s author …”. If you don’t get any answer from the fabulous Covetotop’s author in one year or so, try option number 2.

2.- Just in case you are the New York Times Arts and Leisure editor, or the Washington Post’s editor for Digital Strategy, or the National Geographic’s editor for whatever, or the general manager of The Whisky Club from The Times and The Sunday Times, please be so kind to skip option number 1 and use directly the following contacting system:

Here I am