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Blogging about Castillejo de Robledo

The Knights Templar built this castle in the 12th century. They built it over a previous Muslim fort. Today the whole thing is nothing but a ruin. That’s the problem with time. It ruins all kind of stuff; buildings, literature… … Continue reading

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The sweet Madrid of Expoclausura

If you happen to visit Madrid in December, any year, you should consider seriously the “ora et labora” (pray and work) principle that governs the monastic life. No, I’m not trying to convince you to become a monk or a … Continue reading

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The Knights Templar and the Lobos River Canyon

The Knights Templar were a Catholic military order active from 1119 to 1312. These skilled warrior-monks’ main mission was to protect Christian pilgrims traveling along the coast of the Mediterranean to the Holy Land, Jerusalem… But it is supposed that … Continue reading

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The Burgo of Osma

The original name of this little town is El Burgo de Osma. It’s Spanish. But I’ve translated it into English. Yes. El Burgo de Osma: The Burgo of Osma. Great. Thanks to this intellectual effort of mine (that of translating … Continue reading

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A lady from Elche

She is very nice, and looks quite young for her age. But what I find more surprising about this charming lady is the emotional ambiguity of her face expression. I have visited her a lot of times (she lives in … Continue reading

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Via Lucis’ visit

Via Lucis is Latin. It means Way of Light. Visit means visit, and some visits mean a lot. —   —   —   —   —   —  —   —   — It all happened on a sunny morning of May… I was practicing mindfulness in … Continue reading

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Josep Pla and his friends Josep Martinell and Salvador Dalí

Josep Pla was not a pop singer. He was a great writer. Consequently, he was never awarded with that pathetic bagatelle called Nobel Prize in Literature. Salvador Dalí was a great painter. He loved to paint all sorts of weird … Continue reading

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