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Somewhere in the middle of nowhere


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The spot where Saint George killed the dragon

The little town of Montblanc is surrounded by an imposing defensive wall… Once you cross any of its gates… …you find a very agreeable place to visit… Streets are narrow in Montblanc because they were planned in the Middle Ages. … Continue reading

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A lady from Elche

She is very nice, and looks quite young for her age. But what I find more surprising about this charming lady is the emotional ambiguity of her face expression. I have visited her a lot of times (she lives in … Continue reading

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Via Lucis’ visit

Via Lucis is Latin. It means Way of Light. Visit means visit, and some visits mean a lot. —   —   —   —   —   —  —   —   — It all happened on a sunny morning of May… I was practicing mindfulness in … Continue reading

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A Cistercian cloister

In order to stretch one’s legs, nothing beats a Cistercian cloister from the 14th century. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “cloister” as “a covered path or hall with arches that is on the side of a building (such as a monastery … Continue reading

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Josep Pla and his friends Josep Martinell and Salvador Dalí

Josep Pla was not a pop singer. He was a great writer. Consequently, he was never awarded with that pathetic bagatelle called Nobel Prize in Literature. Salvador Dalí was a great painter. He loved to paint all sorts of weird … Continue reading

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The alluring Calella de Palafrugell and Josep Pla

When a naive blogger -like me- decides to devote a bunch of posts to one of his favorite writers, a bunch of problems arise. First and foremost: In order to produce those posts, the blogger usually reads and re-reads tons … Continue reading

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